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Thread: just a thought... correct if I am wrong...

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    Default just a thought... correct if I am wrong...

    In my previous topic asking if anyone has a disability, I noticed a majority have an Autism spectrum disorder or some other disorder that limits their ability. It kind of makes me wonder if maybe that condition does play apart in being a diaper lover or adult baby.

    The reason I brought this up is because I see how it would make sense. People get ridiculed and often times see the world in a different way then a normal person does. So for them, say an autistic person, could have grown up rocking in their room obsessing over trains and computers and not even know what being a normal child is like. It would make up for the mental age that a person has as they get older and wiser when they realize how much they missed out.

    Maybe because they notice how other children acted or how a child is always carefree and stress free that most people want to relive that same experience.

    I mean even when you are bullied, emotional issues and traumatic experiences arise from that sort of abuse. It could be a coping mechanism for some of us that we choose to go to because we know things will seem better for us.

    ...don't get me wrong. I know some of you aren't disabled and have other reasons but it does seem like even then you might have had a bad childhood too. It wouldn't surprise me if a study was done to implement this too because most of the time, regression place a key part in these sort of things.

    Agree or disagree... just don't yell at me. XD

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    there does seem to be a link, there are more autistic people in the *B/DL world ( me being one of them)
    so you are somewhat right. and many have said before that people with aspergers and the like have interests in specific subjects - this could be one of them.
    another theory that ive been thinking about lately that relates us quite a bit is potty training. many know that autistics arent easily potty trained (again using myself as an example but ive seen people talk about it all over the place), perhaps because we had such a bad time it could influence interests in diapers.

    the TB/AB side i dont know about really. I mean one reason why I became a TB is because I can be really young minded at times, quite immature and silly and such despite thinking rather logically. many people who start off as a *B have had bad childhoods, but some of my best friends have had troubles at childhood and autistics can have a bad time. i know i did.

    i guess i semi agree but its not really 100% related. the majority of the community dont have any sort of autistic spectrum disorder and interests like these can be sprung from all sorts of different scenarios in all sorts of different ways.

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    Yeah I know my reasons are autistic related but also having trouble not growing up as a normal child, I was more eccentric and out of the ordinary. I potty trained normally and my parents claim I had no trouble with that. There could be a number of reasons for everyone so in a way, you are right.

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    Eh I don't know about everyone else but... I just like to pee in a diaper and its pretty hot when my girlfriend regresses me. I mean, she makes me feel safe and happy and why I've been bad she shows me who's boss. That said, the only thing odd in my childhood is that my parents both own their businesses so they weren't often around. However, this did not make for a bad childhood - really quite the opposite. I was brought up in upper middle class if not lower upper class, while my parents weren't around often I had siblings and our parents often made up for their lack of presence with gifts and vacations when time allowed. If it wasn't family vacation we could go wherever we wanted either as a group or on our own. I frequented Jersey and NYC for many summers with my cousins, again nothing out of the ordinary there either. I guess... I'm just a freak who likes when my girl lays down the law and we're both into waterplay sooo it just works out that we like me in diapers too. *shrug*

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    i think i'd have been labelled as autistic had i been born recently, but i'm otherwise known as odd, eccentric, quirky, etc. i guess the working definitions depend upon how one's quirks may be irksome or charming to others.
    for my private quirks (diaper wearing and my feeling-cloth thing), they're purely tactile, or otherwise sensual, in nature. i don't have any sense of them being a means to comfort or pleasure, they are the comfort and pleasure.
    it's a bit like the difference between having a sweet tooth and comfort eating. i just have a sweet tooth.

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    I was born with very mild asperges syndrome (I can now interact with people nomaly) but I'm not TB only DL so maby there's a link between that too.
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    Interesting observation. I would say that it is kind of like bedwetting but not as strong of a connection. Autism spectrum doesn't necesarily cause infantilism, but it can be a contributing factor. As a person with aspergers I can see how my extreme introvertism has caused me to look inward for satisfaction and my lack of experiences with traditional childhood pleasures give me a desire to experience them now that I understand them better. On another note however, I was potty trained on time if not early my standards of the day (early 90s) so there seems little connection there. Also my infantilism predates any of my missed childhood experiences by a few years. They seem connected which would explain why so many people here have autism spectrum, but it is only a weak link.

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    I'm not entirely sure if my Asperger's plays a role in my TBhood, but... I'm willing to believe it has.

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    I can agree with that. Even a phycologist I went to once connected my diaper loving side with the fact that because my whole right side is weaker than my left since birth, and that because I was less coordinated than most or not as fast a runner that I always felt left out and so diapers became a symbol of comfort for me.

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    I don't mean autism as a whole, I just used Autism as an example since that;s what I am diagnosed with Autism. O_O

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