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Thread: I need help...

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    Default I need help...

    So, as you know, my mother is very nitpicky about certain things like diapers and even pacifiers. I won't go into detail about it since it would just be some huge paragraph and me losing track of why I need help.

    Anyway, is there anything that is kind of like a pacifier that can be sucked on or chewed on? I was thinking of something that wouldn't create any unwanted staring, I think that's one thing my mom worries about the most.

    Any ideas?

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    Back of a pencil or the tip of my thumb is usually what I go for. It looks a bit like I'm biting my nails with the former, so tends to be reasonably socially acceptable. It's not exactly similar to a paci, but it works for me for easing nerves.

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    I would say the end of a pen. But I guess also it really depends on your gender and age. Very young males I can see it working on and some teen girls can pass it off as cute. But honestly as a safe bet I'd say a pen

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    Lots of lolly pops? (sugar high)

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    Your thumb, you have two of them. And your mom can't take them away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powderhair View Post
    Your thumb, you have two of them. And your mom can't take them away.
    I smell a challenge!

    *caresses meat cleaver*

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1776 View Post
    Here are a few links of items that I like for chewing. No one will know what they are so public use is not too big of a deal.
    Beat me to it. Ive seen those at a few raves that ive been too. haha

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    personally I like smoking. But I wouldn't recommend it

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    these things!

    they look exactly like a necklace but they are ever so chewable!

    they also sell matching bracelets which are chewable too!

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