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    Hewwo everyone~
    I'm a little shy introducing myself but I hope I have fun meeting lots of interesting people who are into diapers and stuff~
    I'm actually a furry who is into diapers and been wanting to get into it much more and I hope others can encourage me to actually wear diapers and adult baby stuff too~

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    Hi there! So you're a diaperfur? There are plenty on the site! I'm sure you'll feel right at home here, and hopefully some of the posts you read will encourage you to be yourself and wear diapers and whatnot. Welcome!

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    Hello furrydiaperfriend! Welcome!
    We love new people here!
    How are you? What are you up to? Have you been perusing the wonderful site?
    We very much like to know more about the person in the diaper (or fursuit!!) so why not tell us a little more about yourself?
    ... What's your favourite hobby?
    ... And what colour is your hair?
    ... Ooh, and do you prefer milk, dark or white chocolate?

    And yes, that sentence pre-supposes you like chocolate. 'Cause everyone does. Anyone who doesn't is a nincompoop and a liar!

    Welcome, again! Have fun and settle in here!

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    Hi FS!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, what do you do in Canada to get through those long cold spells?

    Are you good at driving in the snow and winter weather?

    Also, what do you like best about ADISC, so far?


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    Wow that is a lot of questions~
    Uhm I guess I'll answer them in a descending order starting from the first post

    For Greeniebell: I'm somewhat a diaperfur. Usually when I RP with my friends I just wear diapers and adult baby clothes too (depending on the person)

    For DanDanSuperman: I'm pretty good, still going through anxiety problems.
    My hobbies/interests are drawing, anime, manga, furries, fatties (if considered an interest)
    My hair colour is dark brown.
    I like either milk or dark chocolate. White chocolate makes me feel sick~

    For wwetbed: I pretty much just stay inside all the time and do nothing and I don't know how to drive yet I should learn how to someday.

    I hope that answered all your questions :3 I do kind of need help to feel comfortable posting on this forum. Feeling nervous and I don't want to sound like a total freak

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwetbed View Post
    Hi FS!
    Just curious, what do you do in Canada to get through those long cold spells?
    My guess is: dress like a furry. :-)

    What a great combo... diaper fur. I never thought of that. It would be very discrete and hard to tell you are wearing... I am guessing. I wonder how common it is to combine those? I may try something new.

    Anyway, welcome from a fellow newbie.

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    We're a friendly group so I hope you do feel comfortable. Take it at a rate that is comfortable for you. This is the introduction thread, so it's common for members to ask about your hobbies, and likes if you don't first include them, but no one is trying to pry into who you are in the real world. We all mostly keep that secret as we are anonymous. Welcome, and just have fun here.

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