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    Anyways for valentines day my girlfriend gave me some great things. Coupons. Not just any coupons but coupons for:
    -role-play of my choice
    -oil massage
    -sexy photo session
    -one sexual desire
    -tasty human sundae
    -sensual shower

    Ok then later in the night when we were going to sleep we were talking. Basically I was laying on her boobs and then I start to suck on her nipple/ breastfeed. I was doing it for a little while and I looked up into her eyes when I was doing it and she gave me a small giggle and said I was soooo cute and she loved that I like to suck on her boobs. Anyways maybe TMI, but then she brought up the fact that on saturday night when we were going to bed I started to suck my thumb, and that when she said something I immediatly took my thumb out of my mouth and said "no!" and then put my thumb back in lol. I was pretty drunk, thats why I did that i think. Anyway she said it was really cute and she really liked it. Haha I acted like I was embarressed but I really didn't care too much. She teased me for a while about sucking my thumb and until I told her sometimes it happens lol. Anyway she said she thought it was extremely cute.
    All this makes me think I will be ok when I tell her about this side of me. My only problem is that I sometimes feel confused about what I want and it could be hard to explain it to her.

    I think I may be a diaper lover, as in I like diapers in a sexual way. And I might be somewhat ab in a non-sexual comforting way. But I have yet to ever experiment with any of that stuff with someone so I don't know for sure. Does anyone have any advice for my situation.

    Also I think if I tell her I would say something along the lines of "I am telling you this because I don't want to have any secrets and I want to be completely open with you. However I do not want you to do anything with this unless you have a desire to. I understand that it's wierd and the last thing I want to do is make you feel pressured into doing something your not comfortable with."

    So do you think I can pull of adding diapers into roleplay.

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    yes but you are going to want to read this first and see what it is that makes you want to be in diaper's so bad. it will help you understand and even help her understand when you tell her

    Understanding Infantilism

    it is bitter gray's den web site very imformative

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