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Thread: Ordering online without parents finding out plan

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    Default Ordering online without parents finding out plan

    Hello all,

    I'm planning on buying some Abena M4s over the iternet and I don't want it to show up on my statement. My dad is the family accountant and he would see it.

    I'll buy a prepaid visa card, create an amazon prime trial account, order, and have them shipped to the college's post office. Anyone know any sellers on amazon who ship discreetly?

    Would this leave a paper trail? Will I get a bank statement of any kind for the prepaid card or is it a use and forget gift card?


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    I think prepaid cards are just use and forget. Good idea getting it sent to the post office.

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    You can buy from Cuddlz the UK store online - I recently used my mums credit card and the only thing that showed up was "MQ Trading"

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    Wouldn't be hard to google MQ Trading. Stick with the pre-paid card.

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    Thanks for the comment.

    Can anyone confirm that the cards are use and forget. I'd hate to get a surprise.

    Also, I wear 32 32 size pants. Which size should I get?

    Lastly, how much is a PO box for a week? I have a mailbox here on campus but I'd prefer the anonymity of a PO box if possible.

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