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    So I'm leaving town for a few days to visit a school in Iowa with one of my best friends. I have a couple of questions; I currently live at home with my parents and have literally two backpacks in my closet full of diapers. Should I bring these with? Not to wear specifically, but more to have control over where they are and who may see them. I don't want to be discovered when I'm away. Second is...should I wear at night? My friend and I are sharing a hotel room, two beds, and there's nothing sexual there. I just think it would be tops vacation wise to go to sleep padded for four days. She doesn't know I'm AB/DL, so maybe I should just let sleeping dogs lie. Any thoughts?

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    First, I hope you enjoy it here. Second, do your parents go through your room often enough? Is there a chance of someone else needing those backpacks (if your parents know they exist)? Next, and maybe the most important, do you want to jeopardize your relationship with your friend? If she sees you wearing, well... I know that, even though I'm a TB/DL, I'd still be a bit weirded out if I saw any of my friends in diapers. Also, are they any more secure in the hotel room? Will your friend open them by accident? Will she ask why you didn't open them at all? In the mornings, what do you plan on doing with your diapers? Even if you aren't using them, you still have to take them off at some point. I apologize if none of this applies to you, but I'm just covering my personal fears. I wish you the best of luck, and please, enjoy your trip!


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    You're right SarahNuk. She doesn't know about my AB/DL side now, nor do I think she ever should. Simply not somewhere I'd like to go in our friendship. So no wearing in Iowa, check! As far as the backpacks, my folks probably don't even know they are there. They don't really snoop, just a fear of an accidental "wonder what's in these" kind of thing. If I brought the backpacks with, I'd just leave them in my car, plenty of room and less chance of "hey, what's this." I still don't know if I'll bring them though...I've lived here for a little over a year now and have yet to be discovered...

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    I'm glad to be of help.


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