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    Default What if...

    ... you woke up as your fursona? Would you freak out, throw a party, both, or something different? And I'm talking outfits and EVERYTHING. That's right, mental qualities, physical qualities... the whole nine yards!

    If I woke up as Pandora, I'd end up looking at myself in the mirror and backing into the wall so fast there's be a Pandora-shaped hole in it :P After I got over the shock, I'd run my fingers through my tail and start giggling uncontrollably, mainly because I'd have my lifelong wish fulfilled (and that wish is to be a girl).

    Even though we all know that we could never become our fursonas, (not in our life-time, that is), it's still fun to think about :3

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    I would probably try using a few Pokemon attacks. After slapping myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, of course.

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    I'd be seriously freaked out, and try to think of how to avoid being captured and run tests on by the government.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyPandora View Post
    EVERYTHING. That's right, mental qualities, physical qualities

    If I woke up as Pandora, I'd end up looking at myself in the mirror and backing into the wall so fast there's be a Pandora-shaped hole in it :P After I got over the shock, I'd run my fingers through my tail and start giggling uncontrollably, mainly because I'd have my lifelong wish fulfilled (and that wish is to be a girl).
    I'd just like to point out that if you had your fursona's mind, then you wouldn't be surprised to see yourself as your fursona, because your fursona would see yourself as what it has always been.

    Sort of makes you wonder if any of your memories are real, or if they are all fabricated and you only believe them to have happened because someone put them there...

    And... like I said, if I had the mind of my fursona, I'd act like he does and would not be aware that a change had happened.

    If I WAS aware that a change had happened, I'd be kind of depressed. I'm not heavy into it and am perfectly happy with the way I am, but more importantly, my fursona is like 4. I'd have to live with my parents and have to grow up all over again. I like it because it's an escapist fantasy. If it became reality, then there would no longer be comfort in it. Would be cool if I could control it and do it only when I wanted to regress, but I'd much rather live an adult life and play pretend than go through actually being a little kid again.

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    Id be so darn excited! I'd feel bad for my family a bit though because i'm sure they would enjoy me as a person more, but i'd Love every moment of it. If i woke up as my fursona, i'd sit in bed for a while contemplating if it were all real, then get the butterflies all inside full of excitement and worry. I'd slowly inch out of my bedroom door, (if i manage to get my tiger paws to open it), and brace for the reaction of my parents. After they got over that, and somebody called me in sick for work, i'd probably roll around giggling and purring, figure out how to put on a diaper (or ask for help, at that point i might need it, and i'm sure my parents wouldn't object when they don't know what kind of side effects could come from the transformation), nuzzle into a pile of blankets with my plushies and a bottle of milk, and when i woke up later in the day, look for an adventure, maybe see if i could talk to other animals or something.
    In actuality though, my parents would probably at some point admit me to the hospital, where i would attract everyone's attention and play the cute tiger cub, which would also be kind of fun to have attention where everyone would comment how furry and cute i looked. I'd bat at things as they passed by. It would be sad when i found i had to stay there at night, but maybe they would bring me a bottle to drink from since having control of my lips wouldn't be easy. Either route, i'll have a bottle to nurse from, and plenty of time to play cute.

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    My dad wakes me up every morning, so he'd be freaking out completely.

    As for me, I'm not really awake until about halfway through my daily shower (I like to compare it to the "Windows is starting up" screen.) I don't mean drowsy, I have a hard time remembering my name and age in the morning.

    Anywho, halfway through my shower I'd start to wonder why my skin was so heavy. I'd realize it was wet fur and I'd freak out completely, maybe flail my arms uncontrollably, most likely fall everywhere.

    Then I'd realize what was happening. I'd probably get really happy and stare at my delightful curly tail for an hour. I'd get on all fours, chase my tail around, try to bark, chew on things, tear up the couch, you know, dog stuff.

    I don't know what I'd do next. It would feel so right, but I would be a freak. I wouldn't be able to go out in public without people shooting at me or something, and TLC would probably want to do a special on me called "Dog Teen." I don't wanna be on TLC.

    I'd have to figure it out, maybe move to a small town in Alaska, maybe pull sleds with my husky brethren. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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    I'd be so happy I'd nearly explode. My only worry at all would be living in a human world as a kobold. I'd just hope I got the magic along with everything else so I could go somewhere safe to explore my new body and adjust to it. I'd say walking with claws would be an interesting experince.

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    Oh I would love this so much! I don't even care which age version of my fursona I could be for this. I'd curl up in my bed and just enjoy the comfort, although my tail would probably be wagging uncontrollably. XD

    I always think it's funny when people freak out over a transformation, power gain, or something. I'd always be excited about that unless it was truly awful.

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    Wake up as Ike? I'd know that was going on, instantly XD I look down and see scales... YEESSSS.. I'd set straight to calling in to work... "Hey guys, just letting you know... I'll be showing up as a dragon today, just a heads-up."

    Take a shower, feel the hot water run right off the smooth scales. Yes. Probably fly to my best friend's house and tell him to check that nonsense out. That would be so out of control. I would have to cut tail holes in everything, including my driver's seat XD I'd get pictures taken, and immediately confirm whether I can breathe fire. I would pretty much never want to go back.

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    Following section is for people 18+

    Ahem. I mean I'd be elated at the thought!

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