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    Default Unique Wellness Brief's -

    Can I ask our friends here about The Unique Wellness Brief. I know that they are available in the US and Canada, but not yet available in Australia, but I hear that there is a possiblity in the future.

    How do they compare with others, would you/do you buy them, and how do they perform?

    I know that they are not as bulky as other products, but for those who have used them are you happy with them.. and would you go far to buy them? or maybe why wouldnt you buy them. Do they have a habit of leaking etc?
    Thanks for your help

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    For nite time they do hold a lot. During the day better options are available. The cost is about $1.00 each and for day time it would not be my best option. If you try some samples you will know how this diaper will work for you. The color blue is soft and they do have a nice plastic outside. They are just OK for me. If you like lots of gel this is the one.
    Good luck in your choices.

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    Wellness Briefs are great bedtime diapers, but I would not want to wear them during the day as they make walking a bit harder, not a bad thing at night.

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    I ordered a case without ordering samples first.. sometimes a diaper just insn't for everyone. I can say that the sizes they state on the bag must be false. because I ordered a Large because it is supposed to fit my waist - 40" - but I could swim in these. As for night / day wear.. they seem fine.. not sure why others wouldn't wear them during the day, I have no issues... just the size.. I think I will stick with my Abea's.. cheaper, hold the same and fit better.

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    I won a free case here from Acecool last year and thought they were pretty good, better than all store brands, Tena Ultra, Attends, Depends, Kendal Wings, Molicare and a few others. There not as good as Tranquility ATNs, Abena M-4s or Dry 24/7s. I still have some left but will look in to the cost of buying more when there gone.

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    Wellness briefs are on sale now with several suppliers. The company also has regular sales in order to stock up. The best price is around $1.00 each.

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    I ordered a sample and I like them a lot. I can wear them all day and not have a leak nor need to be changed unless I mess in them. I can do my morning pees in them and not have it be flooded and then leak. Plus it does not get wet all over and it stays in the middle. They never get uncomfortable when wet and I don't get that soaky wet feeling after I flood them. I plan on ordering a case. But pooping in them makes the diapers leak so better change after you mess in them. It stops the pee from absorbing in the the stuff.

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    Space diapers! Tehe. Anyways I've used them once or twice, didn't think they were anything special but certainly comparable to better generic brands.

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    I have just about finished my first case. I love them for night diapers, they are far better than the depends and tena I had trying to get by with (with baby diaper stuffers). I plan on ordering two cases next. I would recommend that you ensure that the leak guards are there and are pulled up before you put one one. I have had a couple of instances where the guard was not there and the diaper leaked as bad as not being diapered at all.

    Get some and try it, you will like it!!!

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    My personal experience was that they are very comparable to ATN's in both feel and capacity. I would just stick with the cheaper ATN if you like the diaper

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