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Thread: Where to start?

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    Question Where to start?

    So im pretty new to the ab dl scene and was wondering how someone becomes incontinent. it seams like a long process. is there anyway to do it faster?

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    Not in a way that will harm your health...I'd recommend just doing it the natural way with diapers

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    i know i wear diapers, but how does one become completely incontinent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomfog009 View Post
    i know i wear diapers, but how does one become completely incontinent?

    By going whenever you get an urge...Don't hold it...It can take over a year though, but that's like the only "safe" way

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    so basically i use my diaper all the time?
    never use the toilett?
    and that works?

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    Only if you let it work...You have to let go anytime you feel the slightest urge...Don't hold it in...And if you don't get completely incontinent, you should at least get to the point where you'll probably still need protection...But this can take over a year to accomplish

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    so dont try and hold it at all?
    both urinary and bowel urges???

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