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Thread: I do remember having some kind of fursona. XD

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    Default I do remember having some kind of fursona. XD

    My fursona was a girl who could transform into a cat girl (human girl but with cat ears and a tail) and also to a cat form like a kitty. I used to always RP as that when I was on Facebook but... I stopped for some reason since my friends and I kind of got tired of RP.

    But I really wouldn't mind making her into a fursona. I just have no idea how since this is my first time realizing that I fall under being a furry. >_< This stuff is really new to me. O_o

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    What you described and what your current avatar is of, is called a Neko: a character in anime/manga with distinguished animal features such as ears, tails and sometimes even paws if Im not wrong.

    It's not what I would call a typical fursona, but in all honesty anything goes. Your fursona is your perception of your character and it can be whatever makes you happy. :3

    If you want to see what a typical fursona looks like, have a look around on art websites like FurAffinity and the furry category of DeviantArt, or even at some avatars of users on this site.

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    I know what nekos are. O_o I just didn't want to say neko in case someone didn't know what they were. But yeah... it's actually something I thought of myself or imagined when I would do a lot of RPing with my friends. I want to make a story about her but none of my stories have ever been a success thanks to ADHD. >___<

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    If you want to make it into a fursona, bam! You're done. You've got a character and you've decided you want to make it a fursona. That's really all it takes.

    Now, if you want to really make it YOURS, try to develop it more; give her distinct fur patterns, eye color, fur color, etc. Just try to personalize it and make it yours.

    Also, you may want to select a name for your furry persona. I suggest three ways of doing so:

    1) go to google translate and translate some of your favorite words or words that describe you into another language. Google Translate

    2) find a word that describes you or one that you like and look up synonyms. You can use the word itself or you can make a variant of the word (i.e. Quiescence or Quiesen.) Here's a link to an online thesaurus: | Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at

    3) go to Behind the Name: Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings and browse it's names (it's got a ton) or use the random name generator located on the site as well. This website is cool because you can browse the names by cultural reigion and other fun criteria.

    4) you could always just go with your username, I like it

    Essentially, you have a fursona. Nekos may not be the norm in the furry fandom, but that doesn't really matter, it's yours, you can do what you want to.

    Good luck on your delve into furriness!

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    I really appreciate that post Elum, as it helped me out alot with my own developing Fursona.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimiKitty View Post
    I want to make a story about her but none of my stories have ever been a success thanks to ADHD. >___<
    I know the feeling. In fact, I should be proofreading my story, but I am instead procrastinating and posting this instead.

    As for advice in the way of getting a story written, start small. Instead of setting a huge goal, like a fifty page story, concentrate on writing a REALLY good twenty page tale. This way, you will get your ideas on paper faster and likely not get as bored as you would if you were forcing yourself to write more.

    Also, it's merely good practice. If you take the time to look up new words and incorporate creative flourishes, such nuances will eventually become second habit, ready for use on your next, more complex venture.

    So, if you're worry about the issue of length, don't . It will come with time and, yes, even for those with ADHD. I am very easily distracted; just ask my boss! ^^

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