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    Default MMOS - Guild Wars 2

    So, I suppose it's time to talk about another hobby about mine. Gaming - particularly PC gaming since I just recently bought my gaming rig.

    I've played many MMO'S and they are all grindy and boring now. Most require a subscription fee - something that can no longer be justified for MMO's.

    I started following Guild Wars 2's production in 08 and it looks brilliant! I've played it twice at conventions and speak to staff regularly.

    So, who else is interested?

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    Me Me Me Me

    been following since 09 and want them to release it

    I shall be a Charr engineer, Charr warrior and a Sylvari ranger

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    I can't wait either!!! Thank god it will released this year^^

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    I'm definitely going to put on a nappy and play without breaks for just about the rest of my life when it comes out ahaha ;P

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    Pre-ordered it last July. Waiting on the open beta in March. May just go 24/7 for a few months to play it.

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    I was a massive fan of Guild Wars, I bought all the expansions and never really finished things, i'm the kind of person that plays the original once the sequel comes out to finish it ahaha.

    Then again it does look like a huge improvement over the original, so I'll probably give in on this one XD

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    I played WoW for like a month and found it very tedious and kind of cliché. But guild wars 2 looks very appealing to me, interesting characters, original ideas, it looks like a lot of fun.

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