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Thread: Telling or Not Telling

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    Default Telling or Not Telling

    Do you tell your good friends about your diaper wearing or not? I have always felt it is a personal matter. It would be like telling someone the kind of underwear you wear. I do not like to keep secrets. Maybe it is time just to tell everyone I wear diapers. Do you all just tell?

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    I personally havent told anyone besides my live-in girlfriend because she was gonna find out sooner or later! I dont really understand a lot of the need people feel of telling others. In my opinion, its fodder for blackmail or them looking differently at you.

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    I can see why people want to do it as it can be an awkward thing to hide (either if you wear most/all of the time and also because nappies are bulky and not easy to keep hidden in your house etc.) - I guess if people know then you don't have to worry about keeping it a secret any more.

    But on the other hand, think about whether you would want to know about their "unconventional" underwear or what they get up to behind closed doors etc. If not then perhaps it's not a good idea to tell them either, it might permanently change your relationship with the person/people concerned.

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    You should go read the adisc article about the risks and benefits of telling. Its really helpful

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    Do you have to be an Established Contributor to read featured articles?

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    I have gotten to a point where i dont really care if anyone knows anymore. I dont hide my padding in my room anymore, its more in the open but not so much that its the first thing you see. For my best friend i did not tell him, i just let him find out. As i normally do when around the house i would be just in a long shirt and diaper so when i sat he saw it. He asked i said ya, he just shrugged and every thing was cool.

    But that only because i trust him more than anything, heck he was the first one i told that i was gay. There are other friends i have i would not even trust to hold my phone (they dont come in my room).

    The most importing thing is just make sure if your going to tell someone, is that you really trust them.

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    I wouldn't bother telling someone unless they asked me directly. There's not much point in telling people about it, but there's no point denying it either. Well, in theory at least. I'd probably freak out if somebody found out, heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funseeker View Post
    Do you have to be an Established Contributor to read featured articles?
    uhhhh... I don't really know. Let me just summerize it for you: DON'T TELL ANYONE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Especially friends, because That can have serious backfire. Sure, if they are a good friend, then they will be accepting, but maybe they'll think your a freak and tell the whole school. Then your school life is right f***ed, and for what? You're not really gaining anything from it, your just taking an unnecessary risk.

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    I can understand wanting to tell. For me, it's occasionally like a boiling pot inside me wanting to boil over and tell someone. It has always subsided without me telling anyone though. Only my wife knows now, and she's super supportive and even participates when she feels like it. It is interesting though, who I have fantasized telling. Mostly my best friend (male) and my wife's best friend (female). Not sure what to make of that. I have never been interested in telling anyone in my family. For me Diapers are mostly sexual, and comfort, and I don't want to know what gets my siblings or parents off, and I'm sure they don't want to know about what gets me off either. I suspect if diapers aren't sexual though, the urge to tell may be different.

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    Obligatory link to our article on disclosure:

    Disclosure is a high-risk low-reward proposition generally. I see no advantage to doing so, and in fact, I don't see why I would want to force my sexual interests on my non-kinky friends.

    If I want to talk about kinky stuff, I can draw on the vast kink community to do so. If I want to be explicit, I have a boyfriend. With my non-kinky friends, I prefer to build those friendships on things which are actually common ground.

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