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Thread: How many pees has a diaper you've worn ever held?

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    Default How many pees has a diaper you've worn ever held?

    So I'm wondering, as I only today wore my first diaper.

    I'm currently on my first Cuddlz medium, so far it has held 3 HEAVY wettings and I have squashed it, sat on it, moved around loads etc, I am about to do a 4th, if it holds I'll be amazed.

    So, how many pees has any diaper ever held for you? And what diaper was it?

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    The most absorbant diaper ive ever worn has got to be the Fabine. I wanted to test out how many it could hold, so i sat down with a 12 pack of beer and some MW3 (playstation 3).
    A few hours later and a -ton- of wetting, it got so uncomfortable that i had to change, but I never had a leak or anything. I would say it held 6 soakings, quite impressive really but i will never order anymore since that company is dead to me!

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    since I usually use abenas i can say that the M3 plastic backed will hold about 3 regular wettings 2 for the M2 and 4+ for the M4, adding a regular abena booster gets about 1-1.5 more or will cover the usual number if I have had a lot to drink.
    the molicare supers will hold about as much as the M3 without boosters,
    depends max protection about 1-1.5 same fur the nufit cloth backed ones that I have but thats pushing them.
    the best I have had so far was a dry 24/7 which lasted several good wettings (was drinking a lot of soda so relatively short use).
    adding the abena maxi booster to anything usually increased any diaper to be able to hold an additional 1.5-2 wettings IF it was placed within the diaper and not on the inside which usually reduced the effectiveness of the leak guards and ended up usually leaking.

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    The concept of measuring by "wetting" seems arbitrary to me, because it's subjective. I know for a fact that although I'm short, I've stretched my bladder to hold a larger amount than average. I've heard people say "it held 4 wettings" or something like that and know that they are wetting way less than I do. I only use the bathroom 2-3 times per day, sometimes waiting upwards of twelve hours before I use it, and if I don't make a conscious effort to go more often, I can usually only get "two wettings" at most out of a diaper. I haven't used the new Bambino or Dry 24/7 (don't come in my size in Canada), but I've tried a Molicare, which is a decent diaper, and I'm fairly sure that the Cuddlz (which is apparently just rebranded Bambino without designs) doesn't hold twice as much, as the original poster above seems to imply that all 3 wettings were particularly heavy. I know a guy that actually likes store brands because he has a pretty small bladder and can use it multiple times, whereas I can usually only wet once and need to change soon or it leaks.

    I find it much easier to compare the weight of what it can hold, which you can check online. XPMedical I believe has a chart of most of the main brands of diapers comparing them in absorbancy, fit, and a whole slew of other categories. Actually: [Link]

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    It depends if they're frozen or not. Wait, that's pretty gross, never mind.

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    Dry 24/7s usually held about 5+ for me during the day. Or 1 or 2, a morning wet, then another wet after.(In that case that I went to bed)

    Second Best would be the Abenas I wear on occasion, they can usually handle 3 or 4 rather large wettings before any issues arise.

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    I usually just wear Goodnites, and they tend to hold a good 2-3 wettings before leaking, usually 2. Sadly enough, I have not tried any other diaper brands besides pullups and pampers when I was younger, and I never used them.

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    Being my first proper diaper use I'd say I have used way too many today! I drank around 4 - 5 litres of liquid as I wanted to experiment etc. Now I've got a feel I think I'll be using for just normal bathroom needs throughout the day. I'm pretty sure a Cuddlz diaper will last a day in that scenario.

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    What's a wetting?! I've never found a diaper to take a full bladder's worth -- except for the Abena M4 (only just!) and cloth nappies. But if I try to relax and go as & when I need to, I find an M4 can cope with 20 or 30 wettings. I don't think there's any meaningful way you could use this unit of "measurement"... It's like guaging a vehicle's efficiency by ignoring the distance you drive, the size of the petrol tank and the number of litres of petrol you've used, and only counting the number of times a year you stop for fuel... Most diapers seem to have ISO capacity ratings these days. Isn't it better to refer to those? Just my two penneth... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukario View Post
    I usually just wear Goodnites, and they tend to hold a good 2-3 wettings before leaking, usually 2. Sadly enough, I have not tried any other diaper brands besides pullups and pampers when I was younger, and I never used them.
    same here, 2 wettings is about all iv got out of them, but for there size i have to say there rely absorbent.

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