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Thread: HORRIBLE morning.

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    Default HORRIBLE morning.

    If you have read any of my earlier posts, you might have picked up that I have been a little cocky about wearing diapers and hiding them in my room. Even though I have had some close calls before, I have taken my diaper usage and storage to such an extent that I may have been taking everyone's trust for granted over the past couple of years.

    Just to shed a little light on the situation, I'm 23 and employed, but I still live at home. It's rough, but I am in the family business and it's easier for me to be here and save the money for now.. It's complicated, but thats besides the point.

    Since thirteen, I have worn adult diapers so often that I may as well have gone 24/7. I took greater risks with wearing under my clothes up until sixteen back then. College stunted my DLism, but when I moved back, I started wearing every night to bed and wore until the late afternoon most days. Hidden in the two closets in my room, I have a locked trunk in each containing tons of different kinds and brands of diapers. I leave a locked case of diaper changing supplies under the sink my bathroom. My room has it's own bathroom that cannot be accessed from anywhere else.

    Yesterday morning, I was asleep in nothing but a diaper when my mom unlocked my door and entered without knocking. Everything was covered up, but she was headed to my bathroom, where I had left out some diapers, all of my supplies, and had some used diapers in the trashcan. She woke me from a dead sleep and I just panicked and firmly pleaded over and over again "Don't go in there. Stop. Don't go in there." She wanted her hair dryer that I had borrowed for my Girlfriend to use over the weekend while was visiting.

    I jumped up and covered myself with my huge comforter. She didn't sound too worried, she was just like "Why?" "What's the matter?" "I need my Hair dryer?" and left my room in a hurry, confused as hell. I can't tell how far she made it or what she saw, but she respected my wishes. I threw the hairdryer into the hallway and in a mad scurry, cleaned up and locked up all of my stuff. Apparently she was just trying to get the hairdryer without waking me up.. but doors are locked for a reason.

    I just calmed myself, which took an hour, and went back to sleep as if everything was cool. When it comes to these situations, I have given a lot of advice on here.. so I gathered my thoughts and regrouped when I was settled down. I thought that If I acted like nothing weird happened, then they wouldn't be too worried. But I was horrified. I also didn't know if it was a blessing or even worse that I had to leave for a business trip later that morning..

    My dad most likely heard it all happen or was told, but I have talked to him a few times since and he seems like everything is cool. The thing is, I haven't seen my mom. She is the type that is very freaked out easily but won't show it. I'll hear from my sister that she was venting about something I did a week later. But, everyone respects my privacy and weird things have happened before that everyone eventually let go of.

    My back up plan if I'm confronted, is to say that by her awakening me so suddenly, I jumped up and had one of those between sleep disorientation episodes. I've been known to have them. This will make sense and we will all laugh it off.

    But if it gets more serious, I will assure them that I am not doing drugs and then I will honestly ask them if I know every weird thing about them and if I SHOULD know. They will catch my drift and honor my privacy, but it will take time to smooth everything over.

    All in all.. this is pretty awful. Is there anything else I should do? Does anyone else read this event differently then I did?

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    Hope life gets better kept your head down and don't try and have people pay attion or act if nothing happened.

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    I live in my own place now but one day I had my mother over for an unexpected visit and had some stuff out in the bathroom, I told her to wait so I could clean up and when she asked me what was so bad that was in there i just said it was a dirty magazine lol (totally was my plastic pants drying on the towel rack )

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    Pretend you were

    A) having a good dream, why did you wake me up
    B) having a nightmare, I was still flippin out
    C) hiding drugs in there

    Your excuse works too. Be more careful dummo!

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    Ouch! My excuse for hustling people out of my room is that I'm really touchy about people being in my space. Since it's true, and well known among my family, that's my go-to excuse for when I have diapers somewhere in my room and don't want people hanging around. The point it, your excuse has to be consistent with your normal behavior. So if you really do have a history of waking up suddenly and being really disoriented, definitely go with that. Or, you could claim that you were sleeping naked, got really uncomfortable when your mom walked in, and wanted her out of your room ASAP. Hope it all turns out ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    Pretend you were

    C) hiding drugs in there

    Your excuse works too. Be more careful dummo!

    how did you know....

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    Can't guess for your parents, but if it had been my mom she would have been a lot more focused on the fact that I had been rude to her than on wondering what I was hiding. My dad, on the other hand, would have been obsessed with knowing and probably would have assumed it was drugs. But I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about what they are thinking. As a parent they tell you that you should wait to have "those" conversations with you children until they make it clear that they are wondering. Probably works the other way around as well.

    Best of luck.

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    Sounds to me like you have everything planned out. I always get in a weird half awake half asleep mode when woken up early.
    It seems like a solid plan with a good back up.

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    Could just say you totally missed the toilet while masturbating and didn't bother to clean it up the other night.

    Not really sure if that would be any better though. If she doesn't ask, don't feel the need to explain your reasoning for freaking out.

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback.

    I encountered my mom and we had a normal conversation as if nothing ever happened. Knowing them, they are probably still a little suspicious of my behavior but are giving me the benefit of the doubt. They will definitely be keeping an eye out for drug behavior though.. which is fine because i don't even smoke pot anymore. I'm clean as a whistle.

    This is definitely going down as the closest call in my diaper lover book.. I just hope I'm not speaking too soon.

    Thanks again everyone.

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