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Thread: Xbox 180

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    Cool Xbox 180

    I have heard of a new portable system by Microsoft, called the Xbox 180.
    Give me a link to the picture this one person got out of Microsoft that was in a gaming magazine [positive rep point for you].
    Is this true?
    Is Microsoft keeping this a secret until the last minute?
    What are your anticipations for the Xbox 180?

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    Nah, nothing on Google suggests the likes of a Portable Xbox, so I am extremely confident that it's not going to happen.

    There is so much speculation about next-generation consoles that unless it's confirmed by at least two credible sources (IGN, etc), I won't believe it.

    And don't believe slideshows about possible future console designs, because next to 100% of the time, it looks nothing like the real thing (if it ever happens that is).

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    If it's anything like the 360, It'll require a car battery and give you 3rd degree burns if you leave it turned on in your pocket :P

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    I believe it's what people are calling the original Xbox now. Get it? Xbox 180.

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    I think they shoud call it the xbox π then the 360 called Xbox 2π.
    As for MS hopping into the handheld market, they own a chunk of the PDA market. If anything. It'll be a PDA, running some special stuff and have a joypad of some sort on it.

    I doubt MS will as Nintendo pretty much own it all and if they want to get ahead, they'll line it with with the next handheld generation of releases. But do so a fair few months before any other handheld and have decent backing from the game developers.

    But These days, anything handheld its all in one. Its a camera, phone, video/music player. Browse the net etc... Are MS wanting to compete against that? I doubt it.

    So I'l go with that its non existent and merely a romour.

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    Why do they call it the Xbox 180? Because you turn 180 degrees and walk away...

    ...wait a sec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Why do they call it the Xbox 180? Because you turn 180 degrees and walk away...

    ...wait a sec.

    Picture doesn't quite work here.

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    There was a rumor of it, but Microsoft has said that they aren't planning on going into the realm of handhelds controlled by Nintendo and partially Sony

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    It a rumor, and I remember EGM talking about it a year ago. Anyway it probably won't happened since Nintendo have a hold on the handheld market since 1990 and Sony isn't doing well in the handheld market to the point that they have to rerelease some of their PSP games for the PS2.

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    lol, successful internet trolls are successful.
    The Xbox handheld thing was a rumor made, and backed up by someone on 4chan.
    it's not coming out XD

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