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Thread: Thick diaper!

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    Default Thick diaper!

    Forma-care X-Plus.
    Are the thickest diaper.
    I have ever seen.
    Or heard of.

    I'm only wearing one and it's incredibly hard to walk! I put a pare of breifs over it to hide the crinkle and went to slip into my shorts.

    Now let me tell you, the bulge is freakin' astounding. Near impossible to hide! But they're so comfy aaahh..

    Any suggestions? Perhaps looser pants?

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    Mobile Photobucket
    Theres a photobucket link to a couple of pics of them. Ive tried them before, and while they are thick i dont think they are as thick as dry 24/7.

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    Forma Care X-Plus are manufactured in Germany, I got some bag of them not long ago.

    Their thickness is not particularly impressive, but what may make it hard to walk in them until they're wet is the unusual stiffness of the padding in the central area of the diaper, which doesn't immediately conform to the body shape. This is probably what gives you the sensation of extra-thickness.

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