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Thread: Adult-sized Baby Bottles

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    Default Adult-sized Baby Bottles

    Check it out. I'm starting up a business to sell specialty items for ABs and babyfurs. Things are small right now, but depending on interest, there is definitely room for agressive expansion. So if anyone is interested, please shoot me a PM.

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    I would be interesting and maybe you could make them a little more baby looking with kiddie designs on them like toy block or something.
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    As of right now, I'm testing the market. If folks show an interest in this style and start buying some, I will be looking into other styles and possibly getting printed patterns on them as well.

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    this is an awesome idea! but what size is the nipple on your bottle compared to a standard sized baby nipple?

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    This is a really good idea. If you ever consider adding designs, there is another user here who is designing cups. Maybe a partnership is in order?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ethanu
    you didn't actually say any of this but i figured i should lay reference to who i was speaking about.
    Just one question though, what are those ovalish marks on the sides of the bottles? Also are the covers threaded with 'normal' baby bottle covers (not necessarily the nipple, but the cover piece)

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    Honestly, I can't see this getting too much interest. Baby bottles hold about the amount of a can of coke...800ml is nearly a litre of liquid. It's unnecessary in my opinion, and it doesn't seem to include a larger nipple, either.

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    Or you could ask my church pastor for his :P
    Click image for larger version. 

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    He used this as an example of "weening off the bottle" and "start feeding yourselves" (it's a metaphor for the Scripture, of course). Everything thought it was funny as heck.

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    It seems like a great idea to me! I've been looking for something like this, and I already like the design as is. I'm not sure as to the size of the nipple (perhaps a close up photo comparison if it's different than a regular one), but that can always be replaced with the NUK5 one I already have.

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    Hmmm...I'm not really much of a 'bottle' person. But, that said, I can see the larger bottles being more 'realistic' to hold onto in a 'babyish' way than a baby bottle. I mean, I have small hands but even I have no trouble holding a regular baby bottle in one hand. Baby's (even toddlers) can't do that! From all appearances the nipple appears to be somewhat larger than that on a baby bottle (as does the 'ring'. That leads to the question, will you be offering packages of nipples? Obviously the bottles will last some time, but nipples 'wear out'.

    Oh and are the bottles glass or plastic, and if plastic are they BPA free?

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