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Thread: WARNING! ABCanada (ABU Distributer)

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    Default WARNING! ABCanada (ABU Distributer)

    Well, I never do this... but I find myself posting a warning about my experience as a customer from abcanada (aka ITR, Welcome to AB-Canada), a Canadian distributer of ABU products.

    As a returning customer I had never had any issues, until I ordered my case a couple weeks ago. When I received tracking information, the destination city was different than my shipping address, so I politely e-mailed asking for them to verify they had the correct address (even though it was correct on my invoice). I received a response telling me that they contacted fedex, and that the package routes through that city but will go to the correct address. I thought all was well until I received delivery confirmation from fedex.

    I hadn't received anything. I go into the tracking details, and the item was delivered, but to a city 2 hours from the shipping address I provided. I moved a couple months ago and hadn't changed my billing address, and they shipped it to my billing address. I had contacted them before placing the order to make sure having a separate billing and shipping address wouldn't be an issue, and they told me it wouldn't be. I contacted them, and never received a response. On the third attempt within a week I finally received a response, and I will quote it here:


    Let me say that I appreciate the tone of your e-mail. I am contacting FedEx regarding YOUR issue everyday. Short of showing up at their offices with a gun in hand, I cannot force them to respond. Once I receive ANY information, you will be the first one I message.
    Please remember, YOUR issue is with FedEx, NOT ABCanada!!! I don't have to attempt to resolve YOUR issue with FedEx but, because you are a good customer with us, I am doing everything I can to resolve the for YOU!
    Your welcome!
    If you wish to return your unopened product, you may do so at YOUR expense (once again, this issue is between FedEx and Y O U I ... Not ABCanada)
    I apologize that you are having this issue with FedEx and am doing everything in my power to resolve the issue for YOU.

    BabyGiz ...


    I have no idea how they thought it could be my issue, I correctly provided my shipping address, it was correct on the invoice, and they apparently put the wrong address on the shipping label. I contacted fedex myself and verified that yes, they had put the wrong address on the shipping requisition. After responding (obviously frustrated) demanding a refund, I finally received another response from someone else at the company who informed me that they would be willing to pay for the shipping for fedex to bring the package to me from the wrong address, but would not give me a refund. The catch? I had to contact the people now living at the address it was delivered to organize a fed-ex pickup.

    I have no idea how they expect me to be able to do that, or why it should be my responsibility for that matter. What if I lived at home and was away at college and they had sent it to my parents house (which would have been a billing address, in all likelihood). What if my parents had opened it? How do I explain that? How do I explain the package to my old landlord? (thats the only way I know of how to track it down, and I don't even have their contact information any more).

    I responded to their e-mail saying that even if I manage to get the package (somehow), I still shouldn't have to pay for (AT LEAST) the $55 shipping, as it wasn't even shipped to my house. It has been a week and I haven't received a response.

    To sum it up, a bunch of irrisponsable crooks who won't give you an ounce of customer support. When a company screws up it should be fixed by the company quickly, with an appology, and compensation due. I have received nothing of the sort... Don't bother buying from them, its possible you won't receive your package and will be throwing $150+ down the drain.

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    I am sorry to hear about your issues with this company's service. I know how aggravating it can be when things don't go right. I wish you luck.

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    A lot of card companies, if you put it on credit, will allow you to have your money back and will reverse the charges, it will then leave ABCanida up to argue with the company for the money back, at which point they will have to prove that they delivered to you. You might want to tell you credit card company that you need them to reverse the charges. I know that Visa will do it anyhow.

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    Yeah I thought about that, but my concern is that my billing address is still the address it was delivered to. Not sure how the credit card company would take that...

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    why have you not updated your billing address? How are you getting your bills/statements if you have the wrong address?

    Do you know the people who live at your former address?

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    I do online banking so I hadn't gotten around to changing it... the name who accepted the package was my old landlord (who didn't live there). Frankly I am a bit weary to contact them (have to track down the info) anyways. It is a really awkward situation I really shouldn't have to deal with.

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    That's a tough spot to be in, especially since there aren't a lot of quality diaper distributors in Canada, let alone specialties like Cushies.

    If it was me I would probably ask my credit card company to reverse the charge, even though it would probably cause a lot of embarrassment. It's the principle of the matter. Since you probably have proof in the form of an invoice from the distributor, you should probably get your money back.

    Look at it from the perspective of the distributor. They are having to eat the charge, it will be noted with the credit card company that they have had to reverse charges for undelivered product and the negative feedback from their clientele that you have told others has damaged their image.

    Also, have you emailed ABUniverse to let them know of your experience? They probably can't do anything as far as compensation, but maybe you're not the first and they may re examine their relationship with this distributor, hopefully resulting in at least an apology for you.

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    I guess I will have to. I am usually one to solve things civilly but they have been downright rude and unremorseful. I do have proof that it was supposed to be shipped to one address, and fedex tracking information showing that it was delivered to another address altogether. I was really avoiding having to fax them a copy of an invoice containing the information that is on it, but I will have to to resolve this for the principle of it.

    Yes, I contacted ABU, they were empathetic, but they couldn't do anything about it. They also suggested doing a chargeback.

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    What's frustrating too is the marked boxes AB Canada ships out. Sure they don't say diapers on the sides, but they do say SDK-Large on the side as well as CHSI (or whatever). It would be enough to put someone with nosey housemates in an awkward position. To me shipping discreetly means a totally unmarked box. I can't remember what the fedex label had as a return address, but I'm pretty sure it said AB Canada on it....

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    Yeah... I remember that from the first shipment I got from them (before this obviously), but since it was going to my private address I didn't think it was an issue for me personally. God only knows what my landlord did with that information. At least you got what you paid for!

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