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Thread: Please for the love of everything that is good, help.

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    Default Please for the love of everything that is good, help.

    I really, really need some advice right now because I'm at the lowest point I could possibly be here. Really long story ahead, just a warning. So last term at my school, i got into a culinary arts program. There are four rotations that we go through each term (two are half a term each). Last term I did a rotation and got a low C, which is considered a failure. I couldn't do anything right, had to be told 50 times how to do something, and I'm so scatterbrained. I thought I could take it over next year and move on with my class to the next term and I did. I got through the first half. But this half of the term that started today, we are in waitstaff. All day, my blood pressure was high, i could feel it. It felt like I was having an anxiety attack, I could not think of everything at once, I did too many things wrong, etc. I know it was just my first day, but I have a tendancy to do awful, and not improve, and getting up and going to school every day is like hell anyway, and this is like hell to the extremem for me. A lot of people think i am being dramatic, but it really is. emotionally and mentally i can't take it. I have shown signs of dexlexic and bipolar tendancies in the past, but never had it looked at. I KNOW though, that I don't process emotions like most people do. This is justt too much for me. I don't know what to do. There are only 5 weeks left in the term, but I just don't think I can make it through this. I am on financial aid too, so it would be all screwed up, so i would have to figure that out, but I don't know if i can do this for 5 weeks. even if I had to get a job after I would, but I don't know what to do. :[

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    First things first, Calm Down. Secondly You may want to start practicing with your school stuff at home more, and/or stay after at school more. And if dealing with people is the issue then try practicing with friends of friends, or in front of a mirror. If you Really like this then you'll find your way it may just take a tad more determination.

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that i actually do not like this program. It is not worht this to me.

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    Try slowing down and thinking about what you are doing. and dont be so hard on yourself. You will get it eventually and even if you dont like it stick it out and maybe it will get easier for you and you may even begin to like it. It is only 5 more weeks, I know it sounds like a lot but its not a terribly long time. Im sorry you are so troubled, Take it slow and one step at a time and you will get it.

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    I think if you have decided that you won't take another course like this, that these five weeks are your last, you can weather that storm. I assume your course work is geared to something else? One can handle five weeks if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep telling yourself that you don't have to be perfect, just good enough to get by. In addition to that, try to make it into something fun. Don't forget to study and prepare as that will help. Go proactive and try to find some solutions. Remember, you don't have to get an A. A low B should be obtainable.

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    Give yourself at least a little more time. I remember when I first started my job, I had so much to remember, and such a hard time remembering it all, and was constantly forgetting things. I was constantly getting yelled at. At one point, my boss told me he wanted to talk to me, I said to him, "I think this might be my last day, I just don't think I'm cut out for this." He told me, "Give it one more day and see how it goes." I did, and the next day, everything somehow went great. Five years later, I'm glad I gave it one more day.

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