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Thread: I finally told my twin sister!

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    Smile I finally told my twin sister!

    I finally told my identical twin sister today!! Come to find out ( no surprise) she feels the same way I do !! WOW ! I feel so relieved.

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    Twin diaper wearers, never thought of that before! There must be a few sets around I guess...

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    I told my identical twin brother a couple of months ago. Turns out... he doesn't feel the same way I do. He was chill about it though. Congrats!

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    Like minds think a-great

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    Thanks friends. Hey cr5311 how many minutes apart are you are your twin? We are 6 minutes apart. Its so much fun to be a twin. Glad that your brother was acepting of that side of you.

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    Congrats, SweetAndSoft! Hopefully this leads to some neat things ahead for the 2 of you, and I'm sure that this will only serve to further strengthen your relationship.

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    It was a c-section so it was just a couple of seconds. Any idea what may have prompted you to be DL? Something in common with your sister?

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    Hey cr5311.. my sister and I were also c-section but I guess it took a bit more to get us out. Anyway.. I think we are drawn to being dl is because we had a very tough time emotionally as children as we are looking to relive our childhood and make it a more positive one.. At least that is a theory that we both have.

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    Maybe this points more to it being a genetic thing, since (identical) twins share the same genetic make-up. Would be an interesting study. If i was a betting man, i bet CR5311's brother will turn to the crinkly side before too long. But congrats Seweetandsoft

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    Thanks bambinobaby.. It has indeed begun to open our relationship and create an even deeper understanding of each other .

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