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    Default Hiya :3

    Hullo everybody!

    well I'm new (dur) and soooo about me?
    I'm an 18 year old college student. I don't really know what I'm going for yet, there are waaaaaay too many things I wanna do to choose, but right now I'm leaning towards Anthropology. especially Forensic Anthropology!

    I'm here cuz this is really the first (and best looking) place that I've found to explore being a little and stuff. I like diapers but don't know anybody in real life who does and don't feel ok talking about it to anyone in rl, so here I am!

    erm well other things I like?
    ~DOCTOR WHO!!!!! owo I'm such a dr who fangirl and can talk incessantly about it if prompted.
    ~I also love cartoons, my favs are MLP FiM, Phineas and Ferb, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Invader Zim. I also have a huge, huge love for all things Disney and Pixar
    ~I really like all things scifi/geeky, as evidenced by Dr Who fangirling (although I do hate movie physics/science with a burning passion. especially TV forensics. grr.)
    ~I love reading, my favorite genre is Historical Fiction but unfortunately I have found very little that isn't very loquacious and dry.
    ~I also draw and paint a ton and love to listen to my music loud with the bass up! (especially while painting/drawing)
    ~I love ballet and used to dance but was given the boot, but still enjoy watching ballets
    .....hmm what else? I really like doing theater tech! Sound is my favorite but lights are super fun too!
    Oh! I also change my hair a lot! It's currently hot pink and I style it in a faux hawk!

    um I think that's basically it about me. Thanks for putting up with my rambling stuff....yeah.

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    OMG PHINESE AN PHERB ROCKS ! rsome intro too it reli reli reli good!

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    Yes it does!!!!!!!!! lol now I can't get "doobie doobie doo ba doobie doobie doo ba" out of my head:p and d'aw thanks

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    Hi and welcome here
    I to enjoy being a theater tech with sound being my fav as well, less ladder work usually
    what shows have you worked on?
    I have done sound for
    The importance of being Ernest. (no mics just the canned music)
    Anne of Green Gables (canned music and sound effects)
    the Snow Queen (stage and boundry mics)
    the Pink Panther Strikes Again (live foley Micing ) probly my fav show, I want one of the pink panther costumes.
    and a local show called guess who is coming for faspa (afternoon lunch)
    and lighting for
    Pith ( a fringe fest drama)
    Mouse Trap ( a Agahta Chirsti Classic)

    If you want to know more about any of these shows just ask.

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    Hi Blacksmith and thanks for the welcome!
    yeah, ladders scare the crap out of me, I can't stand being on top of a stick it feels like i'm gonna fall at any second X( I'm fine with catwalks and walk on top grids but ladders just scare me to death.
    Ive worked (this was basically all in high school):
    Pippin: His Life and Times, props and some makeup
    Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None and The Moustrap, props & set dressing
    The Wedding Singer, run crew and props and sound (this one was awesome!! there's a flash dance reference in there and we did the "dumping water" thing but instead of water we used mylar glitter and I got to rig and operate a magnetic drop bottom box thing) (in this one run crew had to be responsible for everything to do with mics)
    The Servant of Two Masters in comedia del arte style, sound, rigging and ASM
    Then I also worked sound for several ballets, and symphonies and baby-plays (elementary school plays that performed in our house)
    Probably the hardest thing I've done is have to floor mic the stage for a few tap dance numbers while sending that audio out through the house & there were monitors onstage and that was the hardest thing to keep from feed ever....

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