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Thread: I'm finally wearing at college!!!

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    Default I'm finally wearing at college!!!

    I know I haven't been on here in ages, but I kinda had a breakthrough moment in my ABDL life! So I got some of those new Bambino Bellissimo diapers, and I took them home this past wkend to wear them since I haven't wore since New Years. Anywho, I loved them so much that I put a few back in my bag to take back to college with me.

    I've never wore in college before, I'm a senior now. I have my own apartment now, and I said I'd never wear here since I have 4 roomies and I'd rather no one in my real life find out about this, but since 2 of them have girlfriends and are practically never here, I'm almost alone here, so I decided to wear them last night. Omg, soooooo excited! Since I've only ever wore at my own home, I feel like I made a huge accomplishment! So yea, that's pretty much all I have to say about that I suppose...

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    Wonderful for you. It is like a new freedom with many benefits.

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    Congratz man!

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    Now just wear during an exam and you're golden. No need to worry about having to leave early to use the restroom. =D

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    You are a lucky guy. It is easier when you have your own private pad.

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    Congrats to you man. I am right now padded, about to head to campus. First time in public, let alone with others (classmates to study). Wearing Underjams, hopefully I won't be found out.

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    Congrats, champ! I just started wearing to work and it's a rush!

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    Major props man! That takes some kind of guts. I don't wear but the furthest I've well...done my thing, is in my backyard. I live in the country where no one can see me. I am way to chicken to do something like you around people.

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    I have a stock of diapers at college with me but I have yet to wear outside of my building, but it is a work in progress.

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