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    Helloo, anyone and everyone. Im LilTyke and im new here, and im a diaper lover. i,ve liked wearing diapers since i was 7 and i never new why....idk there so comfy im sure you all agree. but n e ways im just so happy im not alone anymore. i wish i would have looked this up sooner lol. but yea i dont have any friends that like to wear diapers...well at least i think i dont. i soo wish that they did tho.*zones out* never again would i have to(double up) wear shorts and a pair of sweatpants over my diaper. we could strut freely in our diapers without being embarrased....................

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    hehe good intro an me wish dat too dat be so fun if we coud but we kinda can dere no law saying we cant walk around in only a diaper we're technically dressed xD ive sen people do it as senior prank at my school or just something fun to do on there senior year XD or was a dare

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    Hi Lil Tyke!

    Welcome to ADISC! Nice to see someone from the Nutmeg State (I have friends and family in CT, I am from NY originally).
    I am not one of those people who wants to wear diapers in public, but if it makes you happy, and it doesn't bother anyone really, I say go for it!

    Have fun getting to know the whole site, I'm sure you'll meet other *BDLs from CT and all over!

    - Will =)

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