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Thread: Diaper silliness

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    Default Diaper silliness

    I came up with this a while back and posted it at TBN. I managed to fit 16 types of diapers into these two little paragraphs. Once again, sorry if it's been done before...I did searches and couldn't find anything.

    Jimmy had a mad crush on Molly. But he kept thinking, ‘How will I ever know if Molly cares (Molicares) for me or Luvs me? Well, there’s a party coming up, and I’ll tell her I’ll go. That way, whether she does or not Depends on if she Attends the party’. Molly, meanwhile, heard that Jimmy was going, and she wanted to go to the party. First, though, she thought, ‘I need to go to the spa because it’s a place that Pampers me.’ Afterwards, she met Jimmy at the party, and even greeted him with little hugs, or Huggies. Jimmy couldn’t contain himself and said “I been a (Abena) waiting so long for you to do that!” She giggled and said “You’re as cute as Bambi…nose (Bambinos) and all!” He then asked “But am I sexy as a Ken doll? (Kendall).

    During the party, the DJ’s rap record case fell over onto a girl named Tena, and she yelled “Help, I’m under jams!” (Under-Jams). Jimmy laughed at that, and because he was in a good mood, he pointed at some of the skinny swim team members and said, “Hey, look at those Little Swimmers!” She laughed too, but still told him, “Now Jimmy, show a little Poise.” Soon afterwards, someone accidentally spilled a drink on Molly’s purse, and she said, “Now I no longer have a dry purse! (Drypers)” But, Jimmy comforted her, which gave her some Tranquility. So, they left the party in high spirits and Jimmy even got a kiss from Molly before they said their Goodnites to each other.

    It's only meant to be silly and hopefully slightly humorous. I only took about 15 minutes to do it....someone suggested I should go back and refine it to make it sound better and less forced. But, I've never gathered up enough energy to do I've just let it stand as it is, in all of its silliness.

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    *Head desk.*

    You're right, that WAS silly.

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    I thought that was pretty clever, Teddy. You should have put it in the storys forum without bold type names or calling them out in parentheses. It would have been fun to see how many members picked up on the usage of diaper brands in your short story.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Sounds like someone needs a hoooobbyyyyy
    He Has a Hobby!, cool!

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    I salute the surrealism of it all. But how much time did you have on your hands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzkkbprmt View Post
    I salute the surrealism of it all. But how much time did you have on your hands?
    15 minutes. What were you guys expecting Shakespeare? Come on.

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