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Thread: Two stories about buying from a store.

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    Default Two stories about buying from a store.

    I like buying diapers from a store, but of course I have a car, and will drive a few miles to a town where I don't know anybody. I haven't had too many experiences with cashiers that are worth mentioning, but one in particular was amazing.

    About ten years ago I was in an independent pharmacy, and was looking at the diapers, when a lady that worked at the store asked if I was shopping for myself. I told her yes, and she asked me to come to the back, she wanted to show me something. (No, not what you think!) She had a black garbage bag with three opened bags of products. Underpads, Depend briefs that were far too large for me, and the one size fits all undergarment style that is no longer in fashion. She asked me if I could use any of them, they were brought to the store by a regular customer who's parent had passed away. I told her no, I'd rather them go to someone in need, but she insisted I took whatever I could use. I took the bag of undergarments, and she was very pleased.

    I then asked her if I could use the bathroom, that I needed to change, and she said, "Oh, you poor thing, of course you can!" And led me to the private bathroom, while I was holding the bag. I changed, and came out a few minutes later. She didn't ask any further questions, but was super nice. I felt a little bad taking the diapers, but she probably felt like she did something really nice.

    I know that story might seem like a load of bull, but if you're open to people, (plus I've been buying diapers for 18 years now) it was bound to happen sometime.

    I've had other sympathetic cashiers, that would double bag the diapers to make them more discreet, but that's about it, other than one woman who could not hide her disdain.

    I was in a place I had never been, and bought a five-pack of depend underwear (this was about 6-7 years ago.) The woman, older than middle-aged, chortled at me as she rung me up. She either thought it was a fetish, or thought it was pathetic that someone my age might need them. It was kind of cool, actually.

    Anyway, thought you might like to hear that story, I'll always cherish it.

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    That was pretty nice of her (the first story obviously). I don't buy in store very often, and when I did the only thing that happened was me being super nervous. Most of the time I thought people were looking at me weird I have figured out was just my paranoia.

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