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    Hello, I'm new here. I stumbled upon this site while searching some other AB/DL stuff online. not sure why I hadn't found this yet.

    I've been reading on the forum and found it very interesting. Wow! there are a lot of people here. I'm not one for posting a lot, but I will ocassionally throw in my 2 cents.

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    I'll take those 2 cents and raise you a nickel! Nice to meet you, good sir.

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    Hi Yummy, welcome to ADISC!

    just curious, what is your favorite diaper?

    And being the economy sucks in most countries, woul;d you recommend that diaper as a good value?

    Have fun being an active ADISC member!

    - Will =)

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    My favorite diaper is Depends Max Protection. They are a decent value. I have tried several of the other "better" brands like Molicare and Abena, but they are just so dang bulky I don't like them. I do sometimes enjoy them if I'm going for an all day marathon of wetting though. Usually I just wear overnight and the Depends work for me. The other reason I like the Depends is they are very similar in a lot of ways to the Huggies I came to love when I was growing up.

    When I was growing up starting in 6th grade, I bought my first box of Pampers. The way I got them home is a fun story for another day. Anyway, I was absolutely hooked. I've never been into drugs at all, but I can imagine that drugs for some are like diapers for me, completely unnecessary but I can't image being without the high I get from them. I tried a few other brands including Huggies and they were what I eventually used most of the time. I can always remember dreaming of a diaper that would fit me, not just a baby diaper that I made work. But I never had the courage to buy any adult diapers until I was in College. Even then it took quite a while for me to transition to wearing Adult diapers most of the time.

    My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) in college found a package of Huggies I had stashed and she confronted me about them. I just came clean and said I liked to wet them and masturbate with them. She thought I was weird but didn't care because I wasn't hurting anyone else or myself. Eventually she became interested in them only to appease me. She would occasionally wear for me and wet for me. Now, we've been married 12 years and she is super supportive about it all. She commonly wets diapers for me to play with. I greatly enjoy wearing a diaper full of her pee. It is one of my biggest thrills.

    Well that's enough for now...

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