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Thread: I'm curious about actual furries...

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    Default I'm curious about actual furries...

    I've never actually understood what they were other than of course the sexual things that people say about them. That's why I want to know what furries really are WITHOUT the sexual fetishes and stuff.

    I kind of feel like I might be one, like a cat because there are times I feel like I relate more to animals than I do actual human beings. I chew things a lot and I also do a lot of meowing sounds like a kitty.

    I also have a kitty hat that I wear which looks like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I never go anywhere without wearing it ever since I got it. But like I said, I'm not really sure what furries are like or what actually makes someone a furry without being one who enjoys it as sexual fetish.

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    I probably won't give the best explanation on furries, so here's an article explaining it all.

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    That helps but what I'm kind of wondering is if I fit into the furry fandom. I'm very new to this and I want to learn more than just from wiki articles. It's a lot of reading and that's really hard to process. x.x

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    All there really is here is text of one flavor or another. We have an article of our own that might be a bit easier to digest as a starter: It can be a pretty amorphous subject, so it's not that we're really trying to give you the runaround. The answer to the question depends a lot on how you're asking and you're going to need the grounding to ask properly.

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    In the end, you're the only one who can say that you're a furry. No one knows you better than you know yourself. I was unsure at first, too, but now I'm become a pretty decent babyfur artist.

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    Well, I'm not a very good artist at all. TT~TT

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimiKitty View Post
    Well, I'm not a very good artist at all. TT~TT
    You don't have to be :P You don't even have to appreciate furry art, you just have to be a fan of anthropomorphism.

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    I love cat girls and cats, actually. XD I like foxes too... anything really. I tend to act more like a cat too.

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    the fandom is like icecream so many kinds so you make it what you like.So you like cats so you think of what kind fo cat you would like to be.go from there.Some of us are into animals,some are into art cartoons,It,s some what like star wars fans.If you look at it there are football fans so that can be a fandom.Its up to you.Yes there are some dark sides to it but the ones doing that are like any group very few in number they end up in jail like the ones that like kids.Yes some of us are baby furs not all are into diapers.Some like being just little.That being babyfur or diaperfur the diaper furs likeing there diapers and some using them.It just comes down to what you wish to be your likes and dislikes.the more you find the more you will know how you fit in to being a fur.There are a lot of babyfurs on alot from here.Most of all you do not have to do what you do not like! but that is with any thing in life good luck. FOX

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