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Thread: Dry 24-7 pinholes

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    Default Dry 24-7 pinholes

    I recently ordered a sample of the dry 24-7 in large size. While wearing for several hours i noticed dampness on the surface of the diaper. Upon further inspection after a change i noticed pinholes that were leaking tiny droplets. anyone else have this issue? I really liked the diapers because of the bulkiness, and swelling aspects.

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    sometimes diapers "sweat", the wetness actually pushed through the material. are they tight on you?

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    They are not tight on me standing, but when i sit, they tighten in the crotch area.

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    the 'pin-holes' are likely a manufacturing fault, in which the machine that manufactures the diapers perforated the plastic out layer. this happens from time to time when QC isn't being watched well enough. I have had this with Abena diapers once. usually, its not an isolated case, and often an entire manufacturing run of diapers will be 'bad' or defective. yours are defective. I have heard of another complaint recently about Dry 24/7's, so my advice would be to contact the manufacturer and tell them that the sample you received was defective. I personally wouldn't purchase any of their diapers right now, as the possibility of getting more defective ones is rather high.

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    I've had the same problem. They are very absorbent overall, however, I shouldn't have to worry about leaks if I purchase a high quality diaper like that.

    They've lost my money. M4ever!

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    The 24/7s I bought last year had the same issue, the SAP grains cut the plastic if rubed of pressed too hard. Thankfully the leaks are small and if careful don't happen.

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    Hmm, now I wish I had done more research. I just ordered a pack of these on saturday and they'll be in today (22nd). I'll let you guys know if this is still a problem.

    I decided on them at the suggestion of some friends who use them regularly so I hope the issue has been fixed.

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