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Thread: My bladder issue (Is there someone who is like me?)

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    Default My bladder issue (Is there someone who is like me?)

    Hi Guys,

    I have this bladder issue as long as I can think. Iím sure my mind has some holes but Iím pretty sure that I had this issue like forever.
    I wet during the day if I drink enough, but Iím dry at night. I stopped drinking enough and started to go to the toilet even if I didnít feel the urge of going when I was at primary school. My memories of the time in kindergarten are that I wetted on daily basis but my parents or the women in kindergarten didnítí find out because there were no large accidents very often, just a dribbling during the whole day. This still happens today even if I just drink half a liter in a day.
    Between the age of 3 and 21 I had several big accidences and as I remember my parents always were angry at me for it. They always asked me why I did it. As if it was my fault and I did it on purpose.
    Sometimes I think they are right. There is no real problem. I am the problem.
    I have seen an urologist and a neurologist to find out whatís wrong with me. No one of them could help me. Iím quite sure they didnít listen pretty well but the urologist told me about the diagnostic methods he is able to use and after my first catheterization I was so scared that I never wanted any of that again.
    I want to stop the wetting or at least get to know how I can accept it but as long as I donít know what the reason is I think Iím quite impossible to do so.
    A while ago I started list all the accidents I can remember. The memories hurt but I just canít stop thinking of it. On Monday and Wednesday I have very important exams and the only things I can think of are all the memories of anger and being laughed at by adults and kids. I told a good friend of mine who is part of a German diaper-fetish-community and before I told him I begged him not to laugh. A wish that I couldnít couch in terms until my 22 birthday.

    I was always wondering if there was someone in the world, who has the same problem (wet at day, dry at night) as I do. Maybe it is not my fault.

    Is it right to call it incontinence, if a doctor never found out if it is one?

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my English.


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    Well I am wetter during the day then I am at night, I have only been wet at night about 2 out of the 7 nights

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    I am more dry at night than during the day myself. I still need to change early in the morning though.

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    I also seem to wet more durring the day. At night, I can get by with just a pad, but durring the day, no such luck, I need a diaper.

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    U'm usually dry at night, and have enough warning at night to make it to the john, but during the day, forget it, especially when standing, or getting up from a seated position. i ALWAYS wear in public for this reason.. bout the only time I wet at night is while drunk, then, its invariable and I flood a diaper EVERY time if I have even enough sense to put one on before passing out

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    I'm not incontinent, but my guess is that you're wet during the day because standing and getting up from a sitting position has something to do with it. I think your doctor is an idiot for not figuring this out, and your parents are completely wrong for blaming you when this is a medical condition.

    I do know that when I'm "playing" at being the toddler and holding it in, if I'm laying down in bed, I often don't even feel like I have to go, but as soon as I get up, I either have a strong urge to pee, or I do pee as if I am incontinent. I think it's simply a physical force causing it.

    Your parents need to come to some point of acceptance with your incontinence. It's not like you have incurable cancer, so they should be damn glad that it's something that is only an inconvenience, not something life threatening.

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    Thank you all for your replies.

    Well when my parents were mad at me because of the wet pants I was a kid. They don't know that I still have this problems. When I was 14 my mother found a diaper (pampers 6) which was a little wet. I didn't wet it on purpose but I bought it because of the fetish. She asked me if anything was alright and if I'd like to see a doctor because of the problem. I said no because I was so emberassed. Years later she found pacifiers etc. so I knew I'd never had a chance to explain my problem in the future. I didn't tell them that I went to the doc. They know nothing about it. I'm afraight they might not accept it or anything like that. To be honest I don't accept it myself.

    I will visit friends of the family with my parents and my younger brother in Africa in October. I have to tell them, but this would mean that they all knew it. I know that sounds childish and stupid but there are so many bad memories which are connected to this problem. I want to hide in a shell.

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    I can feel for you somewhat with what you are going through with your parents. When I was younger, I had toileting trouble myself, both bladder and bowel. To this day, I still have bladder problems that have only worsened with age and have occasional bowel accidents (especially when sick or after I eat certain foods).

    I wasn't out of diapers myself until kindergarten, and had plenty of nighttime (and regular daytime) wetting trouble, enough for my parents to keep diapers around for many years. I was taken to the doctor when young and dismissed as a 'late bloomer'. When I was sixteen, I ended up back in nighttime diapers for a bit after we made a major move for my stepfather's job. A visit to the doctor dismissed the problem with the remark that many boys wet the bed, even to age 18 and older.

    Past 18, I was buying my own diapers again when my mom found out about it and had a fit. Personally, I couldn't understand it--she knew I had an issue, honestly it runs in the family. Her thing was that I was past 18, the doctor said I was supposed to outgrow it now. She didn't want me in diapers since she thought they gave me an excuse to not get up and wet myself instead. The funny thing was, I went a week without diapers and wet the bed probably five nights of the week. I went a week with diapers and was wet four times.

    Of course, I wasn't into the TB/AB side of things, but the parents still didn't accept a legitimate issue.

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    I am guessing at night like most people. There Kidneys Don't make as much waste while you sleep. But in the day time. That when the Kidneys tend to work. Could explain the daytime Accidents.

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    @AnalogRTO: That sounds like you had a pretty hard time until you could finally handle everything on yourself. What did you so to handle the situation? How did you accept yourself at this point? This is something I struggle with a lot.

    @Lestat: The urologist made some test on my kidneys but nothing to see how active they are in certain situations.

    In general I think my bladder is quite big and if I have an accident it's usually (almost) the whole bladder that goes into the diaper. Even if I have been to the loo before because I can sit there for half an hour and nothing happens. Than I sit at my desk for an hour or half an hour or 15 minutes and out of nowhere I wet.

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