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Thread: Slate reviews adult diapers

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    Default Slate reviews adult diapers

    In search of the best adult diaper. - By Justin Peters - Slate Magazine

    My favourite quote:

    If Abena is the Mercedes of adult diapers, then Molicare is at least comparable to a Volvo. Bulkier than its domestic counterparts, the Molicare is nonetheless a more wearable product, thanks to its superior fit, which envelops your netherlands snugly and completely. It felt like I was wearing one of those portable seat cushions that people bring to high-school football games. Frankly, I felt voluptuous.
    Good to see 20-something fancy-pants journalists enjoying our fancy-pants

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    nice, at least he tried the mollis, too bad, those abenas are awesome. if only one out of every four in the last case i had didn't have a major diaper killing malfunction with the tapes (almost turns me off to them), they had tapes permastuck mostly to the bottom of the diaper, hit three in a row, i was pissed, 7 useless diapers out of a case of 36, the only fortunate thing is that they can soak up ALOT of pee.

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    I read it. It was a good read. Good find Incomplete dude.

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    Yes I agree with him, the store brands are bad and leaky, while the online brands are great.

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    I'll have to admit... that was pretty funny.

    Admittedly though... he could have done a more thorough job of picking brands. There are several American Made brands out there now that carry a more premium product. Secure and Dry 24/7 to name two.

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    Yeah, I didn't quite get why he didn't test the Abenas. He's got quotes all over the article from the guy who runs XP Med, who also sells Abenas. Though, a straight wearing as many diapers as he seemed to have worn, maybe he just couldn't keep going.

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    wow very interesting!!! haha THANKS for your findings

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