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Thread: It would appear I can't lurk anymore

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    Default It would appear I can't lurk anymore

    So I'm posting here. Hello.

    I've been reading this board, and many others for years, but haven't ever felt any pressing desire to communicate. That said, as I'm posting now, I'll give you some details. I'm English, I'm male, I'm in my late 20s.

    Sorry if that was a bit dull.

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    There are lots of people from England here and similarly aged. And male narrows you down to half of the human population. If you were hermoaphroditic that would be unique as I don't think we've had one of those before, not that it would matter to me.

    So I wouldn't say your post was dull, but maybe open up a bit about why you've been reluctant to communicate. What brings you to ADISC? Granted, we always assume you have some interest in AB/TB/DL Furry, or similar things, but it's only discouraged in an intro post if that's the only thing you talk about.

    The one thing I can say here is that for the most part you can be open and honest about what interests you. There are some taboo subjects obviously, but even those can be approached with care and understanding. Even posters who make a relatively poor first impression (happened to me so I'm not just blowing smoke) can quickly find their place among the community.

    As long as you have respect for the community, respect will be returned. So welcome aboard and I hope to hear from you more frequently now that you've made your intro post.

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    yeah that's kinda why I joined as well, I'm not much for posting or getting too involved, but I love reading and some of the stories are not too bad. Also as long as you have an account I'd recommend changing the default number of posts per page from 10 to the most (I think it's a 100) = a lot less scrolling.
    anyway, Welcome. Enjoy.

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    Welcome, and it's ok if you are shy and really don't like to talk, text or type!

    It makes me wonder, who were the 1st one or two people who (obviously were not shy) and put on their online profiles or websites somewhere that they were a diaperlover, etc. And if they put down "ABDL" how would anyone else even know what it was for?

    AB is a abbreviation for Alberta (in Canada), it could stand for anti-bacterial, air base, or atomic bomb, etc.
    TB could stand for Taco Bell, Tuberculosis, Treasury Bonds, Tampa Bay, Tail Back,
    I guess DL could have represented many things too, such as: Disabled List (in pro sports), Dead List, Direct Line, Dead Link, Detroit Lions, or Drivers License.

    In any event, once you get to 20 postings, you will get access to more of the site, if you just welcome one new person a day, or comment on any posting in the forums once a day, in 3 weeks you will be a proud "experienced contributer" and color-up to "Green"

    If i can ask you one quick question, Auser2011, What are your plans for the 2012 Olympics in London? I bet it will be tough getting a taxi rain or shine!


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