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    Okay so recently I posted I was going to buy Bambinos. Well I found ABU Cushies. And they look sooo much cooler and more childish. So I think Im going to go with those.

    Can anyone tell about their experience with these diapers?

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    I think the jist of it is abu are better aesthetically but bambinos perform better while still having the general baby look. I guess kt depends on whats most important to you.

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    I've tried both. I like the cushies for the look and the single tape, but overall, as a diaper, Bambinos are better for usage, they hold a lot more and don't leak easily. Both are fun, I recommend getting a sample pack and giving each a try.


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    Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with either.

    I have always been a fan of the Super Dry Kids from ABU, but made the switch to Bambinos recently. I love the Teddies, but the Bellissimos are AMAZING! They have become my new favorite! ^^

    I would say give the Cushies a try and then maybe try the Bambinos some day. Your tastes may change or you may find a small detail preferable in one or the other. Plenty of options! ^^

    PS Ohhh I forgot... As Angusmac pointed out, the ABU products have a single-tape. If there was one thing that the Bambinos are missing, it's that. I love that feature and the hold is amazing!

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    I've always had pinhole issues with Super Dry Kids, and overall don't like them too much.

    I've never really tried Bambinos, but I don't like how wide they are.

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    ABU stuff is notorious for having mediocre capacity. In my experience, they do.

    Bambinos are known to be on par with premium diapers. In my experience, they are.

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