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Thread: R.I.P whitney houston

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    Default R.I.P whitney houston

    Another good singer is gone.

    Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48 - CBS News

    Did not care for much of her work myself, but I'll admit she was good.

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    Sorry, no great loss though I wish her well in whatever hearafter she beleaved in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    Sorry, no great loss though I wish her well in whatever hearafter she beleaved in.
    In all honesty Billy May's was the last celebrity death I really cared about. By this one, i'm just kinda shocked that she was only 48 when she died.

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    Her early career was amazing. I loved her singing and her songs. Sadly, drugs and Bobby Brown destroyed her. Her passing makes me sad. She was a great one.

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    She was a legend, I remember when she was younger and I was a teen, young adult she was everywhere. It is sad she died so young as other artists have. What is it with artists dying so young these days? But she will be missed... It's a shame really that Bobby Brown and addictions cost her a lot.


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    Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston. Rule of 3's. Reset the clock. So Sad, they will be missed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
    I heard and it was unfortunate. Sad to see other celebrity died over drugs.
    As far as I know, they still don't know what caused her to die.

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    Still a shame for her to die at 48, fond memory's with most her songs drummed in to my head when my mother had her best friend over and we would play Harry potter. Heh i would always be sent to bed early for being too good at the game. Fond memory's of when i was younger.

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