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Thread: A real life meeting of "littles"?

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    Lightbulb A real life meeting of "littles"?

    Sorry if i put this in the wrong place, because I'm still a teen with a question about this...

    Is this a for real... like... AB-con type deal, where we can meet, hang out... find a best fwiend fo' evah?

    Cause it's in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which is just a few hour drive from my house, and i would loooooooooooooooove to go, but i don't want to walk into a trap of possible... well... lets just leave it at a "trap"

    Below is the info from the website...

    Thanks for clearing any of this up,


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    I signed up for this out of curiosity. It's way to far from me to be reasonable. But i faked a lot of the info on sign up questionnaire thing. They still approved/registered me. I dunno, it'd be cool if it was!

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    While I have no idea if this one is an actual con, I know CAPCon is good little con and I distantly remember hearing about NELICon. So yes they exist.

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    All i know is that advertises for it, and they actually are giving out a deal that if you buy a bed at the uslittles con then pacifiers r us will give you a free nuk 5. So I figure it is legit if pacifiers r us is in on it, at least to the point that i feel like pacifiers r us is a legit company since they sell to a lot of AB's, and they have a good product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChriscoStick View Post
    While I have no idea if this one is an actual con, I know CAPCon is good little con and I distantly remember hearing about NELICon. So yes they exist.
    What's CAPCon and NELICon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by notarealname View Post
    What's CAPCon and NELICon?
    They were both mentioned in your first post but they are Age play conventions. CAPCon is an age play convention run by the Chicago Age Players. NELICon is run by the North East Littles and based on their name I would guess it is more focused on the littles while CAPCon seems to be more inclusive of bigs who are commonly left out.

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    How does the vetting process work? Do they just look at your posts and stuff in the communities you gave them a user name for?

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    There was a thread about that here. There was also another thread about it in the EC+ forum. Both can be found by searching the forum for "uslittles".

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    I just got onto the site. The price is ok for what you are getting if you have friends to share a room with. If I was within driving distance it would be a no brainer. But there are some logistical problems that I need to work out before I commit.

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    Holy crap! This is somewhat relatively close. I don't know, I live in middle Tn, but it would be awesome to go!

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