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    Question Diapers and wheelchairs...

    For any of you that may be wheelchair bound, do you have any tips for preventing leaks? I just 'upgraded' to Dry 24/7's from Abena Supers (not X-Plus). Hopefully that helps. I just feel like the weight of my body effectively 'cuts off' half the diaper from absorbing. My imagination? Advise?

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    While I am not wheelchair bound, I imagine the some sort of issue would come with being in a sitting position for long amounts of time, which I do with my job. I have noticed that if I tuck(not sure if conform would be a better word here) the diaper around my lower crotch area I have better absorbancy/less leakage than if I diaper myself as the instructions say.

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    I think that you'll find that Dry24/7 is a great diaper. It's the most absorbent of the widely available disposables. So if anything can do the job for you, it should work.

    I've also often thought that an external catheter and collection bag system would work well for someone in a wheelchair. If the Dry 24/7 leaks for you, you might want to give an external catheter a try.

    Finally, mrtowtruch76 offers good advice. Make sure that your diaper is well tucked in all around the leg openings.

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    You might try cloth. It would allow you to place most of the padding where you need it.

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    I have used dry 24/7 and also cloth diapers in a wheelchair and both work very well.The cloth ones can be doubled up for more
    absorption and being in a wheel chair you shirt can cover the extra bulge.

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    Thanks for the advice guys! I tried the 24'7s yesterday, and though yesterday's circumstances were incredibly rare and unlikely to happen again, I got a full 24 hours out of it. Definitely impressed.

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    I've tried using an external catheter, and I've found the leak risk to be comparable to that of a Depend diaper, it's hit or miss. I'm not incontinent, but use diapers as needed when I have to go extended times without assistance (I'm completely dependent). I kind of consider my AB fetish as a blessing, otherwise my circumstances would make my disability even worse. Plus, being completely dependent, I live the AB 'dream' of being diapered in a caring matter from a variety of people. But, I'd rather do it because I want to, not because I have to. Be careful what you wish for

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