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Thread: In your oppinion, which of the Abri Form Diapers are the best?

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    Post In your oppinion, which of the Abri Form Diapers are the best?

    I have never used any of the abri forms before and I would like to try them. The thing that stops me is there are so many different types and I don't want to pick wrong one. So I would appreciate some feedback and why you like them over the others.


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    Hi there Persondude!

    I'm glad you're interested in the Abenas. They're excellent diapers. My preference for day wearing is the M2 (Super). I can get 4-6 hours per diaper, with little chance of leaking, and the unit cost is excellent. The X-Plus or M4 is an excellent nighttime or longer-wear diaper. Some folks love the extra thickness and protection. For me, it makes a good road trip or extended-wear diaper for those times when I know I won't be able to easily change. However, after a while it gets heavy and a bit odorous, necessitating a change if you're anywhere but by yourself and making the cost a bit high. Many folks like the M3 or Extra level, too. This level is between the Super and X-Plus.

    If you're into numbers and statistics, check out XP Medical's diaper test page here Adult Diaper Review and Testing. This will give you more information. Just be sure to get plastic-backed diapers, the "original" version, not the "air plus" kind. Hope you find what works for you and have fun!

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    In case it helps, I think the "air plus" kind are sometimes labelled "premium"...

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    How I miss the late X-Plus! However the -4 series is still a good diaper.

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    As BachBrahms and Tiny, I'm a frequent user af Abri Form M2 and M4 diapers. In my opinion the are better than the Tena Slip-line. They are still plastic backed, up to the job, good fit and a nice plain colour. Those are the diapers for me.
    But I have still quite a stash of Tena Slips on stock, Super, Plus and Maxi. So have to get rid of them first.

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    Thanks for the recommendations. Ive never ordered diapers off the internet before and I live with my mom still so this will require some planning. Can't wait to order some!

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    Abena M4 Plastic-Backed, it is heaven wrapped around your waist :3

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    I still have about 10 plastic backed M4s left . They are very nice but I have nothing to compare them against as of yet.

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    I like the M3 and M4. I love the balk and capacity of the M4 but I don't like how easily it gets clumpy and wearing it for a while. The old Abena X-Plus didn't use to clump. The M3 doesn't clump and is a little slimmer if I need discretion (especially in the summer when I'm not wearing as many layers). Plastic backing is a MUST for me because I like the crinkly sound when I move around.

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