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Thread: Bambino Brand Question.

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    Alright so not long ago i tried the bambino classico and loved it. Well now, when i kinda want to get more, there out, so my question is: Are the other types exactly the same just with different images on the front?

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    I believe they get slightly thicker / more absorbant as you go from classico -> teddy -> bellissimo.

    At least that's what they told me. Other than that, I believe they're the same.

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    yes to your question. I just checked their web site and they ran out fast of the new Bellissimo. Lucky I ordered two cases of those and 3 of the classico. They are mostly the same however the newest one has the most absorbency.

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    thank you guys for the answers, but now i've got another question: How long does it usually take from when you place the order, say you place it and they process it same day, does it take for it to generally arrive for a 16 pack? Or does it depend on where you live how fast it is delivered?

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    It depends on where you live. They generally are really quick. I get mine with in less than a week.

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