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Thread: Do you play the lottery?

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    Default Do you play the lottery?

    So, I posted this in Mature Topics simply because it is technically a form of gambling and, at least in America, one must be over 18 to play.

    The question is simple enough: Do you play the lottery? If so, how often? What kind of games? The poll covers part of that question; the rest will have to be answered through commenting.

    As for myself, I like to play the lottery, more specifically games with lottery ball machines like Powerball, Fantasy 5, etc. when the jackpot is big. If I'm feeling lucky, I'll play a pick-3 game. I've never won anything huge, but I've gotten non-jackpot prizes a few times.

    How about you?

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    I don't, because I'm too young. However, I get my parents to enter sometimes.
    I get them to enter when I'm feeling lucky.
    Did I mention how lucky I am?
    I've won a lot of stuff.
    Candy, sleeping bags, a 42 inch plasma screen TV, a bowling bag (and a bowling ball), etc...
    Last time I got my mom to enter we won $100. :P So I'm just waiting for the day when I'm feeling EXTREMELY lucky... Maybe we can win a jackpot. :P

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    No, I never even touch the lottery. With chances so low, I just see it as a pointless gamble. On top of that, those who do win big are announced in public media in most states. I sure as hell wouldn't want everyone in the area knowing that I just won a multi-million dollar lottery. I fear that I'd face harassment, targeting by criminals, or a bunch of people bothering me with sucking up or trying to fake friendship in hopes of getting something in return.

    I'd rather continue living as I do now than become rich and get all sorts of bothersome attention.

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    Very rarely do I play. In fact, chances are I'll only play it if someone else buys me the ticket!

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    I never play. The chance of winning is so low, and some people spend a fortune on tickets. I'd rather put a few quid in a jar each week and get a "guaranteed win" whenever I decide I want the money back! (Actually, I do occasionally buy charity lottery tickets -- I don't really care about winning then; I've already "won" by doing some good for the charity.)

    What really annoys me about the National Lottery in the UK is that you only have to be 16 to play. But almost every other form of gambling requires you to be 18. I just hate inconsistency...

    If I did play and win, though, there's no way I'd allow my name or photo to be published. (You have the legal right to privacy in the UK.) I can't understand the people who win 10m and then sell their story to the media. If you've won that much, why would you want to sell your privacy for a few extra quid?! I guess some people just like fame for any reason...

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    Knowingly taking such -EV propositions is painful. The math of it just hurts.

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    I'm not one to buy lottery tickets or scratch cards, essentially for the reason cited by NutFree: the math is just not on your side, not even close.

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    Actually -- I did buy a scratchcard once. I paid a quid, scratched off the panels... and won 1. "Hmm... that's kind of pointless.", I thought, "I'd better have another one.". So I scratched off the panels again and won 1. Being completely underwhelmed by the experience, I cashed it in and left the shop with exactly the same money I went in with.

    And what's the attraction with bingo?! Checking off random numbers is the kind of thing you program a computer to do, not something you'd do for fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    And what's the attraction with bingo?! Checking off random numbers is the kind of thing you program a computer to do, not something you'd do for fun!
    To be fair, something like roulette isn't all that much better

    I would totally program a bingo bot if there was any money to be made in online bingo. Unfortunately, the only money to be made is as the house.

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    At work we enter as a group, $5 a week each and we get quick pick tickets and with all of us chipping in we get a lot of numbers, but so far after less than a year we have won about $25 each. Gambling doesn't really turn me on, even playing poker with my friends I find boring, I'd rather flip a coin and get it over with.

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