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    So I just had a terrible leak while sitting down. It ended up coming out of the back of the diaper when I leaned back a bit. Is this because I put it on wrong (it being a medium sized certainty fitted brief) or because I wet it too much?

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    Sitting down is hard on diapers. It might have been too wet or just had not time to absorb.

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    Also depends how many times did you wet and brand.
    Also how much you go per wetting. Some ppl go more than others.

    Tho I agree, sitting down in a wet one not the easiest thing on a diaper.

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    For me, Depend Maximum Protection would often leak out the back when sitting. I've never tried the Certainty, so I'm not sure how much they hold. About the only way to prevent seated leaks out the back with less-absorbent diapers is to double them or wear plastic pants over. You've discovered a very common issue/problem. Thankfully, that doesn't happen to me so much with Abena M2s (supers) or any of the Abenas I've tried. Wishing you the very best!

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    Certainy's do not hold much so it's no surprise. Even Abena M-4s will squish out some after a few wettings as they have less SAP and more pulp than in the past. Though they hold less the ATNs hold it well as they have a large SAP to pulp ratio. Just give them a few extra minutes to absorb it.

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