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Thread: AB/DL Mall of America

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    Default AB/DL Mall of America

    Apparently some new site is open, called the AB/DL Mall of America...Well they had some grand opening on the 7th...And yeah... The ABDL Mall of America ...Has anyone like, heard about it or bought anything from there yet?

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    I know they did a send-up of this on CSI, but I don't know anything more about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
    I know they did a send-up of this on CSI, but I don't know anything more about it.
    Haven't seen it....I looked through the site some...There isn't much, at least not yet...It's basically just products from a few diaper relating selling sites that I have never heard of...

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    WOW! I wonder if "Sybil" has license to use all of those copyright protected images on the onesies?

    HOLY CRAP! $17.50 for a beaded paci clip from "Dom Depot"? I'm sure I could make those for about $3 Maybe I should go into business for myself! lolz

    The furniture from Cub Works Lifestyle Furniture is amazingly well made (from the pics anyway) tho'. Probably worth the price if someone is a 'life-styler' (and rich as Croesus)!

    And 24.99 for the 'diaper tapes'? HOLY CRAP!! My exbf had some made some years ago (2003/04) 'n sold 'em for $10 (I got mine for free...mwahahaha) They really suck anyway...they look okay, I guess. I'd show you how mine looked but I can't find the pics for some reason. Oh well...c'est la vie!

    I think the overall idea of the 'ABDL Mall of America' is okay...but so far I'm not too impressed with their vendors.

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    As I posted before in another thread, I bought a onesie from there. The one with Stewie from Family guy on it


    Im hoping its not all "THE AB MALL OF AMERICA" on the package.. =p

    Footed Jammies and Onesies sizes make me feel little, cause I need small sizes, lol

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    I'm not too impressed either, Ayanna...But I'd just thought I'd share, since I saw a link for it somewhere, and it's new...

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    they sound like a reseller... yay for middle-man markups!

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    cept i wanted to see a diapered Taz!, not tigger!

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    i think they have been around for a couple of years, but i haven't bought any thing from them yet.
    maybe in the future

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