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    Hello all,

    I'm running low on Depends and Im thinking of picking up some Tranqility ATNs. Are they better than Depends, as far as absorbancy, comfort, and/or 'juevenileness'?

    The Depends cannot hold anything. Even one wetting seems to strain them, after only one, I'm gingerly sitting down on a wooden chair, my sleeper around my ankles, to see if it'll leak, and in public, no way I'd chance it.

    Also, is there any way to get free samples of Abena M4s?

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    I am not a fan of tranquility atns because every one that I have worn leaked and most of them had tape problems. With that said however, they hold a lot more than depends and look better as well. Their cost is very high for a mid level product, but they are worth a try for sure.

    As far as a "free" sample of abena forget about it. You can pay for them at a number of sites which often only charge you the cost of shipping them out, but completely free is quite rare.

    If you are looking to try a bunch of samples, then I recomend HDIS (see below). No abena, but a lot of other good products and very cheap for so many diapers. If you really want to try Abena, then XPmedical is where I have bought samples before.

    Brief Variety Pack

    XP Medical -Sample Packs

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    Personally I like Tranquility. They are very obsorbant, if you shop around you can find them for under a dollar per diaper, and they still have a plastic outer shell (gives that crinkly noise). The fit is good.

    Yes I have had tape problems and leaking problems, but I have had that with every diaper I have ever tried. I haven't had trouble with the tapes with the last few cases I have ordered (beyond normal issues you get with any diaper). Leaks are an interesting thing with diapers, especially the ones that hold a lot of liquids. If you hold a lot and then let it all out at once, almost any diaper will leak. If you wet a little here and a little there, Tranquility will hold ton and be tremendously squishy. Now any diaper has a saturation point, that no mater what, once you reach it, you will leak when you sit down. So, if you are looking to hold back your pee for six or more hours and then let it all out, or drink a ton in a short period of time then don't expect a diaper to hold it all. If you want to try going in a diaper like you would normally go to the bathroom or more frequently, then Tranquility is a great diaper.

    You may not need the ATN version. They have a regular version, which I find can normally meet my needs. They are cheaper, and at the moment that is an important issue for me. Their regular ones can handle a significant amount.

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    During the day I use Abena Abri form M2, nice plastic outer shell. They are quite discrete and can take a resonable quantity. Within it's limits of course.
    For the night I use the M4's. Together with the M3, they are both bulky night diapers.

    Unless you wear baggy clothes, people will notice that you are wearing.

    Using a M4 up to its limits, will ask some time. So people tend to smell you.

    I go for the cheaper M2's (15 euro's per bag in Belgium) and change more often.

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    I wear Tranquility slimlines with a pair of plastic pants over them for added protection. Also the plastic pants hide some of the noise of the diaper because they are noisy but for leaks I have had none. They will hold three good wettings so I only have to change every six hours or so.

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    I like the ATN'S, they don't leak for at least two good floodings for me and if you avoid the blue tapes the white ones hold pretty good.

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    My thought is Tranquility ATN is a better value than Depends.

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    Can you get tranquility in pharmacies in the US?

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