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    Hello all I was planning on buying my first pacifier this weekend and I just wanted to get some insight from you. Like what brand should I buy, Where should I get it and how much money is it going to cost. Also I'm going to be purchasing some baby wipes too and I want to know what I should get. Thank you all and I really appreciate the help.

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    If you can order online get a nuk 5, its an adult sized paci, and its so much better then normal pacis.

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    and if you cant.... try the largest dental paci you can find...i cannot tel you what brand to take, becouse i'm on the other side of the ocean and they may differ.... you could try different brands, they dont cost that much, i have the most expensive brand over here(which is Difrax) and i pay €3,60 for a paci...its about 4,75 USD. and there are many cheaper brands here! but keep it dental, they are in my opinion the most comfy.

    if you are going for the full baby, you must have wipes! and a bottle or sippycup. it just works.
    if you use this while daipered you feel like a widdle baby, trust me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLJeff11 View Post
    Like what brand should I buy, Where should I get it and how much money is it going to cost.
    One link, PACIFIERS R US.COM

    You can choose from whatever style you want and they are adult sized. I'm not trying to market for this particular business, but they are very discrete and they understand the AB/DL community.

    Enough said. . .

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    Nuk 5 most definitely. There are larger pacifiers out there but they look like novelties to me. Nuk 5 are for real.

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    I got a Nuk 5 a few months back and it is the best paci I have ever had.

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    Where do you find the Nuk 5?

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    My boyfriend and I actually just ordered our NUK 5's from yesterday. A company called Baby Pants sells some of their stuff through Amazon. I'm getting the plain white one (I like that it has a larger shield) for $18.50. And my boyfriend is getting an orange one for only $1 more. I'm impressed with the service thus far. It's already been shipped and I have a USPS tracking number.

    Part of me would like one that looks more babyish, but I'm sure theres a way to swap teats with a baby pacifier.

    I can't wait till it gets here!!

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