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Thread: DSM 5 - opinions/views?

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    Default DSM 5 - opinions/views?

    just a wondering about your views and opinions on the proposed changes to classifications of mental/behavioural 'disorders'.

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    do you think there's any reason to be worried by such things (especially given many of the all-encompassing powers that some aspects of the medical profession and government have)?
    certainly, it'd make you think twice about reporting anything to 'persons of authority or good standing'.

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    Yes it scares me.

    The positive; Within certain disorders it is important to perhaps expand definition and start understanding sub-classes of disorders, potentially with different behavioural, physiological and genetic backgrounds. This is important for understanding, research and treatment. And indeed the fact is that many disorders lie on a broad spectrum and are often a combination of things.

    BUT, there are so many more new definitions, things that now get a "word" or a diagnosis attached to it. It puts people in boxes, classifies them and somehow judges them. And there are many things wrong with it; it is indeed scary in terms of the authorities and how they approach these diagnosis and what they do with them. Often things should not be called a disorder.

    But it also gives me people more and more "excuses" for things. Even now I often see parents saying "Oh but my child has ADHD", "oh he is a little autistic" or people saying they can't write properly on forums or so, because of dyslexia. I am not saying these classifications are wrong, they are most definitely important and ADHD, ASD or dyslexia, to name a few, are difficult things to deal with... but you often find that 1) these diagnosis are made too quickly and 2) people attribute it to themselves or others without proper investigation... and with these new classes I am afraid this will become worse.

    So there are a lot of things wrong with it, and rather than expanding I think something like the DSM should have a good look at itself and perhaps reclassify its classifications.

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    After all the problems that people with fibromyalgia have had by being labeled as having mental/behavioural 'disorder in the UK for years at the hands of psychiatrists like Simon Wessely

    This shows how wrong he has been.
    Wessely’s Ways - Rhetoric or Reason? - Malcolm Hooper and Margaret Williams - 270308

    His views in the UK even affected how some doctor in the US treated and still treat fibromyalgia

    It has now been shown in the US that Fibromyalgia is likely a form of Neuropathy in the same class as diabetic Neuropathy but body wide.

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