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Thread: 1'st time daipered @ work!

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    Default 1'st time daipered @ work!

    okay.... i'v thought about this for a long time and i did it!my freshly ordered box of abena's arived two days ago and went to work whilst daipered! never did it before, i will do it again! (since i'm working on wearing during daytime)
    but there where a few HUGE problems for me!

    the 1'st is the biggest, when i get a bit sweaty it constantly itches(which results in wierd looking moves)
    second is, i'm used to drynites which are very thin and discreet, and these are a bit i must find a way to hide it a bit wihout blocking any movement!
    and should i change? 1 or more times a day? which is a problem... it looks a bit wierd to take my bag to the restroom...

    i'm just asking for advice from someone who has experiece with this!

    thanks a lot!

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    The constant itching, can be solved by using Blue Star Ointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wearing View Post
    The constant itching, can be solved by using Blue Star Ointment.
    probably something i cant get my hands on over here! what can i compare to it?

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    Get a zip up day planner (like a small binder with a zipper around the edge), remove the contents and you suddenly have discreet diaper storage that you can take to the restroom with you. If you are worried about disposal in the restroom, get some small dark colored plastic bags and keep those with you as well.

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    I have done this the last 3 months almost on a daily basis, gone diapered to work. Even today with a Tena Super. :-)

    1. To minimise sweaty skin, wear the cottonfeel diapers. Your skin can't breath under plastic backed diapers. Cottonfeel is also more silent than plastic.

    2. Use good skin products. Baby products can help you a long way.

    3. If you use them, get changed asap. People will look funny at you when you're smelling.

    4. Wear some casual clothing and tuck your shirt in your trousers. NO SPANDEX!!!!

    5. If asked by collegues, just tell them that you have to take medication wich causes some side effects on you.
    You are using diapers as a protection, in case of.

    6. 99,9% of people won't even bother or dare to ask. They will no laugh at a disabled person.

    7. Don't do this in an enviroment with lots of youngsters. Elderly people understand much better.

    8. Avoid practical jokes or bodily contact.

    9. Have fun.
    Last edited by beachboy42; 10-Feb-2012 at 21:31. Reason: Use M1 or M2 from Abena. The M3 & M4 are night diapers, so much too bulky.

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