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Thread: Any child adults out there?

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    Default Any child adults out there?

    I am a pretty childish girl sometimes. I think mentally, I function at the level of an older child to a younger child. It depends on how you look at it, really. It's mostly because of disability reasons.

    I carry around anime plushies. My three favorite ones are Ciel, Sebastian and Axel. I also have a really soft blue and black tiger stripe scarf I call scarfy that I wear around my neck. I sleep with these things too.

    I've always been into cartoons. There are times I still watch little bear and Chuggington too. The only thing that is missing from this is diapers and a pacifier... which my mom would NEVER let happen even if I did try to explain to her.

    My reasons for acting more childish, as I said, are disability-related but also due to comfort and emotional issues. I've had a lot of head injuries as a child too so its rattled my brain and made me forget childhood memories and such.

    I did get tested for tramautic brain injury because of all the head injuries but my records said that the head injuries didn't create any impact that affected my development... then again, I was still a child at the time and I'm STILL a child now... I don't even feel like I am 23 years old. I feel like my age range is at least under twelve because it varies.

    Most people have never really seen how bad my childish side really is. They don't see it as being an issue because once they know I have autism then they usually shrug it off as being part of that. I have lots of anxiety issues that I have the worst trouble dealing with.

    Anyway, enough about me... what about you? Are you a child inside of an adult body like me?

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    Yeah, I think Autism makes it more apparent for me. I have that NEED to be a child for comfort reasons. I have a few varying developmental delays and learning delays and the emotional development of a two year old. -_____-; But also I do speak well but it's not that I speak well that sets me apart from being normal... because I have trouble with verbal and emotional expression that I resort to writing instead.

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    I often feel like a child trapped in an adult's body. It makes me mad because I still feel like a child and people expect me to know what to do all the time in "adult" situations and stuff.

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    I know right!!! That gets on my nerves. I mean its almost like you are being forced to grow up when you aren't even ready. It drives me so insane when people always say, "Oh you gotta be able to live on your own and cook and all this..." it makes me think, Yeah gee... that sounds fun and easy... -______-; I hate it so much.

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    Exactly! I HATE IT!!!

    I don't think I grew up sheltered or anything, but I'm 22 and I've lived with my parents my whole life, I don't drive and I'm looking for work currently (I stayed in education as long as I possibly could). Nobody gave me all that many tools for later on in life so I'm 22 years old and only just getting there. I have asperger's, my mom kinda sheltered me a lot when I was younger too.

    I'm so lucky that my boyfriend is understanding of how I am, he's very sweet. In a way he's helped me to grow as a person, he's 28 and he's taught me a lot and explained a lot to me - if I don't understand something, know what to do or such things I go to him and he explains it all and tells me what to do.
    I've become a hell of a lot more independent and confident in my own abilities since meeting him - he knows part of my problem with independence is to do with confidence and he's helped me a lot with that by showing me that I can do things by myself.
    One of the things he started off doing to help me and teach me stuff was to treat it like homework and set me tasks and things that I had to do and bring back to him.

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    I do want to stick my neck out a bit here and congratulate you, Alice, on your exceptional communication skills. I have encountered many, many autistic people on this and other ABDL forums, and I'm quite certain I've never seen one with such a firm grip on written English.

    The "sticking my neck out" part is what comes next...

    Your eloquence makes me wonder how many of those folks are basically just using their diagnosis as an excuse to not try...

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    The only therapy I ever received was Speech and Language until eight grade. I don't know about others. The thing is that Autism is different for everyone diagnosed. You could have a group of six autistic people. Two of them could speak well without any trouble while the other four could have limited to no speech. But the ones who speak well could lack social skills and have massive sensory issues.

    Bottom line is, no autistic person is ever alike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutisticAlice View Post
    Yeah, I think Autism makes it more apparent for me. I have that NEED to be a child for comfort reasons...But also I do speak well but it's not that I speak well that sets me apart from being normal... because I have trouble with verbal and emotional expression that I resort to writing instead.
    I see myself in those words.

    Only recently have I begun to figure out how my high-functioning autism is affecting not only me, but my marriage, as well. The anxiety, the phobias... I can only really deal with it through returning to that time in my life where I was safe and protected. Here I am, supposed to be this strong, responsible husband, when all I really want to do is be taken care of by a CT. I love my wife, but I can't be that adult.

    I am a huge nerd when it comes to information and such. I love numbers and luckily I work in a job that focuses on understanding math and other engineering concepts. However, I am not an adult inside. I am always thinking of getting in my sleeper, or when I can cub out again and so on. I even have a stuffed animal on my desk. I don't think about a future with kids and all the other adult responsibilities; I dream of when I can go home and play board games.

    Some days I'm very confident in our marriage, because I have someone who accepts who I am and loves me despite my issues. However, then there's those days where I panic about the future and know that this arrangement can't work forever, Soon, she will be demanding kids, even more than she is now. Heck, I'm panicking over the thought of us having a puppy soon.

    I suppose that's why, like you, I turn to writing. Getting out everything I feel in the trilogy was therapeutic. I only hope that I can hang onto that feeling and allow it to carry me through the tests that are yet to come. I feel so much like a scared little kid, who only wants their parent to come pick them up and cuddle them. Knowing that isn't going to happen is crushing and leaves me lost.

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