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Thread: Who likes a Noisy Diaper?

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    Default Who likes a Noisy Diaper?

    Does anyone just enjoy wearing a noisy diaper? For me it does not make any difference. It is all about padding, fit, comfort, and support. If your diaper is noisy do you want people to notice?

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    Yes! I most definitely enjoy having a noisy diaper. Its a rush for me to wear one out and have the possibility of someone noticing. I almost always wear Attends waistband out, not because of the design of the diaper, but because of how noisy it is.
    I just got in a couple Vlesia slip comforts today and i cant wait to try them out, they sound so crinkly! XD

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    I am somewhat indifferent on the sound of a diaper; however, I do find it unusual for diapers to be quiet.

    So to give a somewhat clearer answer: Yes, I do like noisy diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I love crinkly diapers. Sadly, they are rapidly going extinct in the age of faux-cloth diapers.

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    I must admit I love the sound of a crinkley diaper, except at the office, where I opt for discrete cottonfeel.

    But at home, I do love the sound.

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    I used to hate the sound of a crinkly diaper as I knew it would be tricky to wear around family. I never really considered the noise a diaper makes to be important at all.

    But now I'm living by myself, hearing my nappy is just one extra cute reminder of my childishness... So I really like it... But other aspects (fit, comfort, textures, absorbency, etc.) are always going to be more important to me.

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    I do love some good crinkling, for me, the sound and smell/texture are the best qualities of a diaper n_n

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    I agree with you Fenierlilfolf, The crinkling and the smell are two of the best qualities of any diaper.

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    I wear cloth and plastic pants, but I like the fact that the plastic makes itself known. Like others have said, it's a reminder that you're wearing.

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    I like a little crinkle, but it's down on the list of what's important. Fit, feel and cuteness all rank higher in my book! ^^

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