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Thread: New kid!

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    Red face New kid!

    Hi everyone, I'm Mikey (:

    I'm new to adisc and am here for my interest in regression and diapers! I consider myself a toddler, between the ages of 2 and 6. ^__^"

    Aside from that, I'm a college student. I'm studying sociology and women & gender studies, working towards a social work degree. I also love music (most genres, but mainly metal, indie and electro), photography, dancing, concert going, exploring, blogging, body modification, and being outdoors.

    I guess I came around here to meet others like me. I have a fetlife account, but I'd like to meet people who are not only part of the ABDL community as a fetish. It is a 100% non-sexual part of me.

    Also, I'm female to male transgender. It'd be nice to meet people who are understanding and refer to me as the person I am.
    I ask that if you are not tolerant of this, please do not contact me.

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    Omg my names mikey as well i like metal too rsome introduction well you be my friend ????????!!!!!!!! ;D

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    Rsome ill add u wen i get home unless u wanna add me now

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    Interesting avi, glad to have you aboard. Well done on popping into chat, it's a good way to get yourself known fast

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    hehe yay raccoon likes u dat means ur amazing! an rsome! (Not saying others arent amazing an rsome if raccoon disliekes u) o.o BUT! YAY! MY TWIN IS LIKED BY MY BEST FRIEND VROOM VROOM :O

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    @raccoon, thanks ^__^ its just a bunch of my stuff. and yeah, I figured I'd pop in and say hello!

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    Mikey, welcome to ADISC. I think it's super cool that this is a 100% non-sexual part of you. I sooo feel the same way and enjoy the pure innocence of diapers, footed PJs and pacifiers. I also find it very interesting that you are female to male transgender. If I may ask, do you take male hormones? Are you thinking about surgery one day? And lastly, if this is not too intrusive, I always find the question of sexual orientation confusing when it comes to transgendered people. For example, if you are transgendered-male and are attracted to girls, technically that makes you "straight", even though you are biologically a girl which would make you "gay". So, what do you consider yourself?

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    Hi @MyWorld08

    Thanks, I appreciate the welcome! ^__^
    Yess, I love when someone understands the non-sexual aspect. There are a few folks on FetLife who do, but many are there for the fetish aspect of it...which I don't mind, it just isn't for me! :3

    Feel free to ask whatever you're curious about, I'm willing to answer.
    Currently, I'm only taking natural hormone boosting supplements called DHEA and Tribulus. They're produced some rather subtle changes, but they're notable. A slight deepening of the voice, slight hair growth, small things. But things that weren't there before. So I'll take it! :P
    I don't currently have the total support needed in order to start real Testosterone injections, due to my family not being up to par on the matter. Once they hop on board though, I will be!
    Surgery, I will only be having a mastectomy (chest surgery) and removing my female organs. Unfortunately, having the bottom surgery is way too expensive and in my opinion, not worth the money. Too much hassle, too many risks, and honestly, your nether region ends up looking disfigured. The surgery has been perfected for mtf transfolks but not ftm yet.

    As for the orientation thing, I consider myself straight, with the ability to be queer haha. I have a girlfriend, who considers herself pansexual (loves everyone, regardless of gender--even if you're trans or intersex). It is a confusing matter, and many trans people will consider themselves queer or pansexual to avoid the hassle.



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