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    Red face Brand new to ADISC

    Hi Everyone..
    I am really feeling funny about this..I am a straight married woman in her 40s with two children and I have a fascination of diapers. I have never told ANYONE about this not even my twin sister. Is something wrong with me?
    I run a fulltime daycare in my home for babies. I have two dogs and lots of aquarium fish. I have two straight teenaged children at home. I love playing online childrens games like ToonTown. Baisically a boring middle aged housewife type of person looking for some like minded people to be my friend and tell me im not crazy.

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    Hey there,
    First off I want to reassure you that nothing is wrong with you and your interests in diapers. As a harmless pursuit, a diaper interest is harmless and (unless it interferes with your life in a negative way) is perfectly fine to have. I for one have gone through the struggle for self-acceptance (which I am almost finished with) and it is not a nice one. If you can find it in you to accept yourself from the outset, you will avoid the emotional distress I have gone through. You are not crazy, liking diapers is a small interest which not only perfectly fine but (as some think) is an invaluable coping tool.

    Moving on, I see you have two dogs. What breeds are they? I had a 11 year old Golden Retriever named Molly (named by our Russian friend) that was my favourite pet ever since she came into my live at age five. I hope I get to know you better over the coming years/months and that you find ADISC a valuable, supportive community.

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    Hello and welcome! So glad you are here. If you have any questions about wearing diapers or anything, please feel free to ask. You're not crazy. There was a time I thought I was crazy, too. If you're here now, hop on over to the chat room, and we can chat a bit there. Wishing you the very best! Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetAndSoft View Post
    Hi Everyone..
    ..... I have a fascination of diapers. I have never told ANYONE about this not even my twin sister. Is something wrong with me?
    I used to think or belive that I was "the only one", or the only person over 3 or 4 years old who liked diapers still, this is a common feeling. Guess what, there are about 20,000 of us as ADISC members!

    I haven't told my sibliing, parents or family yet. And i am not planning on it, why bother? I really don't want to know all of the little pleasures and "hobbies" of my family either! LOL

    There's nothing illegal about it. And there's nothing wrong with us.

    Congratulations on getting 23 post already and becoming a "established contributer".

    I'm looking forward to seeing you on more postings and perhaps the chatroom also!

    - Will =)

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