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    So yesterday I'm at the gym on an elliptical. For reference, the way the gym is set up is that there's a large bank of cardio machines (ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, etc) that face a row of flat-panel televisions. You plug your earbuds into the machine, then choose which television you want to hear an audio feed from as you work out. I was watching something on Food Network (always makes me push harder) when I notice something... strange on the next television. A few seconds later, I see it's a Luvs diaper commercial. I switch the audio channel about halfway in, and witness this... big load of WTF.


    And I thought the denim diaper ad was creepy. This is... whoa.

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    Yeah. This has been out for a while, and I was a tad shocked when I saw it, too!

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    Yep it's been out for over a year. Still the denim jean one is worse as it isn't a cartoon. I like the look of the denim design

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    Erm... I... I think I can be comfortable blushing and averting my eyes when this diaper commercial comes on. Yuck, though. Just yuck.


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    how did you make that face in the title?

    And yeah... i have seen this commercial a lot on TV

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    I thought it was so funny the first time I saw it on tv, now its just becoming annoying lol. I think they are trying to make a funny commercial, because that is one way to make people talk about their product. I mean look we are talking about it right now lol.

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