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    Ok, this thing that my friend and I are doing, it's an anime type thing and we can't decide on a theme song. the genre is fantasy, some teenagers get sucked into another plane of existence, epic battles, obvious slash pairings, etc. As history shows, anime goes in seasons, and the song for the first season is usually happy. Any suggestions?

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    idk....any artwork that examples that you could show us? gives me a better idea of what to select...

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    Well, we do have a few character drawings, but nothing major. My handicap is that I suck at drawing. I've got all these scenes in my head, I just can't draw them out >.<

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    And there presents the problem...
    By the way... Hey bro!!! ^^


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    Nightwish does alot of epic music...

    Like Ghost Love Score, or One More Night to Live

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